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ugliest sounding languages
I personally don't like German.... English FTW!
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Well EliGE gives me attention, which I never expected to get.
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I mean, TL is at least keeping me alive and I also got something to support and love and I also know, that my love and support is being appreciated, which obviously makes me very happy and I also know...
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Well, yea, actually that's true, because I don't know what else to love. ... I got hurt too much to just love everything/anything
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I'm getting bullied for loving TL?
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Hi, I'm ZMTL... And TL stands for Team Liquid 'cause TL is the passion I live for. 💙
Yep, that's how life can be and you have to try to forget it or it will just eat you alive, that was me in September when I lost my best friendship I've ever had to a girl..., it was hard getting away...
See, all you actually have something to live for and don't need to be in depressions... Maybe try to support them even more so you eventually get recognized..., if not you'll probably just get back in...
I see, so you actually have none to love.... I mean I also only have two friends but also passionately love Team Liquid and that's what's actually keeping me alive...., knowing that my support is bein...
That's probably the source of your depressions...., so maybe try to find a cs team as I said and also try to forget the team, or at least don't try to think about this time because otherwise it's just...
Sports or just gaming works for me,... also playing with a friend helps alot...., and maybe try to get rid of the source of your depression..., I did and I'm thankfully for that. GL man. 💙 Edit: M...
AWP Switch
I use 3-1 (quick switch between knife and awp..., works for me at least)
1. Xyp9x 2. (IDK) DH Cluj Napoca 2015 3. Alternate aTTax (I think, there ain't any aTTax stickers though) 4. KRIMZ 5. (IDK) Maikelele 6. Eleague Atlanta 2017 7. fnx 8. Dreamhack Montreal 2017 (R.I.P. ...
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