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Is faceit supporter worth it?
force your premades to buy supporter if they do then deffinitly Yes BUT .. if you don´t have premades or you got only one guy playing with you most games go for ESEA if you got premades don´t buy ES...
good pinh/,good FPS but not smooth
if you have ADSL/VDSL/FIBER you should have no issues what internet provider you use ? got plenty of exp with them but that should not be the issue if you on cable internet
good pinh/,good FPS but not smooth
its not try it you will feel smoothnes
good pinh/,good FPS but not smooth
try -processheap in set launch options it will give you lower fps like - 30 50 but should be smooth
5 countries to live
TAIWAN SINGAPORE Russia (Vladivostok ) Czech republic ( Prague ) Australia (PERTH )
dreaming about cs
dude, get a fucking life or get a hobby like me, i am outside for many hours i am Driving on Train and going by Public Transportation meanwhile j ust to see 2th world life ur sat at home all day on ur...
eXtatus vs CHUPAS
Lmao extatus is suspisous about those sweeds ahahahaha they asked for pov demos :DD
Country to live in
Taiwan if you Like Asians and Learning Mandarin
Grayhound vs TheMongolz
mongolz 100ping if greyhound in the Western australia 60 ping so ez for australians
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Censorship on r/globaloffensive
Internet is fucked up ... on google you cannot find a shit about reality that is going on like wtf this european crisis thats ridicilous that internet censorship that is going on sweden i was on hol...