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taxing rich = communism?
the problem here is that we have chained taxes that result in too much for everybody. the only way to put taxes up for rich is lowering the resultant taxes in the market flow
Can MIBR go international?
Can MIBR go international?
well, this is a good oportunity to burry the "mibr" tag for good and bring back Immortals. the team could go international without major memes
Ok, Leaf.
i'll be honest, i knew that it wasn't for forests BUT i didn't remember for what it stands for hahaha but that's how they teach us in school, forests
moses tweet
my opinion on leaf and even xeppa is that they're clearly cheating but honestly, I think we've always had cheaters and still have them on comp level. the big difference here is that Chaos' players di...
Ok, Leaf.
they only have the forests
moses tweet
the CSGO scene was pretty smaller that time. any EU team fanbase is too small compared to ours (we gather 400k people on stream to watch a non major final, the team is not performing that well... thi...
HenryG's case simplified
did you even read?
HenryG's case simplified
well, not that much if you know what your talking about the big problem here is that the majority of people that says "all lives matter" are ignorant just like here in Brazil. people that support a ...
fallen irony
fallen 2 faced toledo talking about blatant aimlocks when he had dozens and dozens of clips like those in 2016... ok very funny people are ready to witch hunt no namers but the same clips from a big ...
RLewis Reckts MIBR
just another british saying shit about brazilians
mibr ZERO honor ?
is he a native portuguese speaker trained on lipreading? oh, I see... also, if they """"""""""""""CHEATED"""""""""""""" by talking about the game during a tech pause, we are allowed to say that astr...
mibr ZERO honor ?
thorin arguments next