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Donald J. Trump
Trik? You know your just stereotyping trump supporters more and more with your bs... Before I encountered your propaganda I actually thought that I could not despice Dumpers more, but you proved me wr...
Is diversity a strength?
We are all from all over the world. If you dont believe so take a dna test. Accept that other people are just a much worth as your sorry ass....
How many Pick' Ems do u got gith ATM?
5/5 Ence, Vitility, Renegades, NrG and Greyhound
Share your PickEm Progress
G2 3-0 (FAIL) Grayhound 0-3 (SUCCESS) Teams to pass to next stage: NRG (SUCCESS) ENCE (SUCCESS) C9 Renegades(SUCCESS) NIP Fnatic VITALITY (SUCCESS)
Why are you so mad Try to understand the aug also was made for a man I just want to to try it and do some crazy shit Maybe I'll see you on next highlight as the master aug hit....
Thank you ENCE
Thanks Ence for making it 5/5 Ence Vitality NrG Renegades Grayhound
cheating on ur partner
At least have the dignity to tell your partner that your are not exclusive....
why I burst when girl touch me
Try a condom - it will also take some of the sensibility away so maybe you will last ½ a minute... :D
Vitality vs Grayhound
2020 presidential election
Please stop it Trik!
I like family I want to change the world order
Glaive game sense
I acknowledge that everyone have an opinion but if the only "prof" to your opinion is your own voice in your head - keep it to yourself. When you feel you have a reasonable case to state your opinion ...
Glaive game sense
Just stop following cs:go and e-sport if this is how you state an opinion....
I can see your point but the point about string theory and also the meaning about the limitless argument, is that all of the possibilities you mention with flying fish and what ever you can come up wi...
which country is 'free'?