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CSGO players and Valorant
Who was hyping it up as a CS Killer though... Riot sure as hell didnt... And the only thing that can kill CS at this point would be Valve.
WTF happened to Valorant.
Lol. I was thinking the same.
WTF happened to Valorant.
There first international LAN event will more then likely do huge numbers. But Valorant is averaging 50-80k on twitch. One NA tournament did 55k excluding other channels streaming in different languag...
WTF happened to Valorant.
Lol. It’s been a top 10 streamed game since April.
Trump and Corona
Lol. Uhhhh China though
WTF happened to Valorant.
Esport scene is still very very young. In comparison CSGO 3 weeks out of launch wasn’t doing 55k viewership off one channel. It’s a new ip and just like any ip it needs to grow. The hype and crazy bet...
WTF happened to Valorant.
How does any game kill any game lol. But anyways, I would give a game some time to develop before making any judgement. Look at Siege, shitty launch but turned into one of the stronger esports. Valora...
WTF happened to Valorant.
Game not released yet in China FYI.
NiP.Valorant roster
Well, CSGO does no advertising so there's no real comparison... I was just stating Riot's dedication to build a global esport scene without forcing leagues or shit like that... Promoting the TO's and ...
NiP.Valorant roster
All signs point to a healthy esport scene for Valorant... Riot is actually hosting regional TO's and building a strong foundation. I know this is hltv but, it's not the only player in town lol. Why wo...
cs scene very boring RN ?
The hype from esports is kinda dead due to the pandemic... Major's really gets everyone excited, and seeing rivalries from opposite regions (NA vs EU)... LANS are just NEEDED. Anyways, it'll get back ...
Kids love a rebel, and a troll... I'm not a teenager so, I couldn't explain how he's so relevant but, kids are generally trolls online and he's like a God level troll. Only explanation I have
Its the greatest mystery now
Worst country youve ever visited?
Costa Rica was my most disappointing but, it could be cause we went with 2 other couples and they didn't like to be adventurous. So, we were constantly splitting up and rushing to meet back up etc.
Trump is gonna win
Lol... Have fun in Brazil bro