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Willl fortnite end up like pubg?
Fornite has a little more working for it buuttttt it might be trendy. Time will tell though.
RONIN vs Atmosphere
Atmosphere!!! Love up and coming teams.
My gf is now bisexual
NP. Just make sure the environment is friendly and nothing to hostile. Like dont have an argument and say "And ya mom said you fucking bitches behind my back." Like go to a bar or dinner for a date, h...
My gf is now bisexual
Welll its obvious she hasn't said anything to you cause of or a combination of 1. Doesn't want to expose that she's gay/bi. 2. Not sure how you'll take it and 3. has a girlfriend. So, I would try to ...
new Kinguin changes
Yeh... No
hey usa what about being good in other sports ?
Yeah... Every Olympics USA has the most golds. Not sure about Winter Olympics I simply don't watch that shit.
Não Tem Como vs ex-Iceberg
Not that I’m a huge fan of the new SK lineup but playing at 150 ping is a huge disadvantage.
Não Tem Como vs CheckSix
150+ ping. The fact they’re winning games says a lot.
FlipSid3 vs EnVyUs Academy
I think seized has slipped some, but he's a solid player and I think better moments are ahead
FlipSid3 vs EnVyUs Academy
F3 needs to get a strong 5th. Losing electronic then seized is a big loss.
SK vs Torqued
Did God make you a dumbass cracker ass cracker?
SK vs Torqued
It’s racist to call them monkeys period. That’s like me saying your country is full of crackers. No racism your country really smell and look like crackers. Stop it.
I won like 100 :). Off like a $20 bet
Ok all jokes aside that is the stupidest policy in the world. No one here is native except for the damn native Americans who are pretty much non-existent, Yet we trying to keep everyone out. You won t...
Mannnn stfu before I tweet Trump some fake news to have him bomb your country off Earth. :) Welcome to America