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over 700 downvotes
Even with their filtering upvote/downvote system trash content makes the top of the site Some how...
filter racist slurs
Contact him about what?
filter racist slurs
Yes filter monkey. Funky ****** is my favourite team. ******** Win! Astralis had a bad ********* side How about you just grow a pair there can be legitimate uses to use those slurs eg. "Sadokist has... Improvement
How would you get access to it
opinions on xxx and lil peeps song?
swedes have best music dota caramell dansen
its good music dude UUH GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG NIGGAS GOT THE STIFFY UH retarded mumble shit no one can understand such masterpieces
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#9 - locked -
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The mobile app is not supported anymore and is discontinued. /closed
Add Myanmar flag
nice id
Add Myanmar flag
Well they added two flags, qatar and turkmenistan because pros from that country qualified to something hltv covered Macau was probably added for A macau event so they didnt need to use chinese flag
French scene
nikoemok is an arab slang in france
Add Myanmar flag
Politics are not hltv's concern.
Add Myanmar flag
Yes there is a Brunei pro, Yugoslavia no idk why that flag got added. There are Peruvians pros, as for Macau there was an event hosted there which would be a reason to add the flag
Add Myanmar flag
Add Myanmar flag
It's not hltv business, there's no genocide anyways just UN/Nato lies like every other genocide they tried to stop.