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GuardiaN vs kennyS vs FalleN vs oskar vs dev1ce
You take that back or I'll change my name to KennyS_1_major_Guardian_0_major.
GuardiaN vs kennyS vs FalleN vs oskar vs dev1ce
I'll always be biased towards KennyS, his peak was something we'll never see again. Not even from s1mple.
sweden election
240 snus it för helvete
sweden election
Nt Merkel, but your country is shit too. There's still hope for both of us though.
sweden election
They don't need to be, as long as they don't think people are "world citizens" and that immigrants need to assimilate.
sweden election
+1 Only tending to the whiniest groups, immigrants, feminists etc. I'd even go as far as to say that they are commiting treason by tending more to immigrants than our elderly.
sweden election
https://www.expressen.se/nyheter/val-2018/skola/vansterpartiet-vill-ge-unga-gratis-mensskydd/ EXLUDE THESE WANKERS FROM THE PARLIAMENT THANK YOU
*NEW* True Top 20 Players of ALL-TIME
The most accurate and logical list tbh. Great work!
GOAT Coldzera
2013 was alpha? It released in August 2012 you biased wanker.
sweden election
Not wasted at all, when they reach a certain amount of support from the people, they will get more attention from media, get grants from the government and get more members. And lets say nothing happe...
You can remove 1 city from your country
Nt Ahmed, but people usually dont like to be shot
Wtf youtube?
As you can see, I'm clearly logged in. Don't know why the subscription page would even show up otherwise. https://i.imgur.com/kmymPMw.png
sweden election
Nt globalist.
sweden election
Sorry, but when I vote, I want to vote on parties I actually agree with.
sweden election
MED (Medborgerlig Samling). An actual right-wing party, they're against immigration and bullshit globalist and identity politics