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Singularity vs Virtus.pro
byali is out from VP
OpTic vs Virtus.pro
1. Virtus.pro removed Overpass. 2. OpTic removed Cache. 3. Virtus.pro picked Train (OpTic 4-16 Virtus.pro). 4. OpTic picked Inferno (OpTic 22-18 Virtus.pro). 5. Virtus.pro removed Nuke. 6. OpTic remov...
3DMAX vs Virtus.pro
ok, but close prediction
Virtus.pro vs Nemiga
Nemiga will ban Cache
3DMAX vs Virtus.pro
not always vs AGO they didn't banned Overpass and the won it Go watch map stats F<T-S
Virtus.pro vs Nemiga
1. Nemiga removed Cache. 2. Virtus.pro removed Inferno. 3. Nemiga picked Overpass (Virtus.pro 16-13 Nemiga). 4. Virtus.pro picked Mirage (Virtus.pro 16-10 Nemiga). 5. Nemiga removed Nuke. 6. Virtus.pr...
Virtus.pro vs Vitality
1. Vitality removed Train. 2. Virtus.pro removed Overpass. 3. Vitality picked Inferno (Virtus.pro 11-16 Vitality). 4. Virtus.pro picked Mirage (Virtus.pro 16-5 Vitality). 5. Vitality removed Dust2. 6....
3DMAX vs Virtus.pro
1. Virtus.pro removed Inferno. 2. 3DMAX removed Train. 3. Virtus.pro picked Nuke (3DMAX 12-16 Virtus.pro). 4. 3DMAX picked Overpass (3DMAX 6-16 Virtus.pro). 5. Virtus.pro removed Mirage. 6. 3DMAX remo...
ur polish lvl?
polacks and baguettes cs
ok, but VP > G2 right now F<T-S
tempo storm disband??
There are 3 players which don't have any contract with TS. They'll play for mix called 2019, but innocent and HS are still under Tempo Storm contract. F<T-S
No nut november
me 2 :(
IEM Katowice 2019 Finals
nice try
no way
morelz is very good lolz