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mousesports vs CR4ZY
Frozen beastmode ... it's now every game but when it happens, it's glorious.
Syman vs NoChance
Styko on a roll, GJ!
mouz idiot ?
I think they should just stick with Chrisj for AWP and if they don't trust his best weapon then don't keep him around at all
Thorin rekts f0rest ?????
he pointed out a weak performance and that was a weak performance I doubt there is a player that didn't have a bad game though
Obligatory FaZe Thread
get frozen ... ez
How to beat Astralis
there must've been an immense amount of work put into winning this major ... something they can't be doing on daily basis and not for smaller tournaments ... best way to beat them is to avoid them whe...
oldfags are right
For me this major only proved that next level is teamplay and that makes it exciting to see new stuff done on same old maps ... Even if you may have two best aimers in Simple and Electronic and yet ca...
simple overrated
Are your assumptions based on the finals or overall performance?
very nice gesture then for Vince's home major
Which knife do you have?
Flip knife ... if I could get second one I'd go for bayonet
worst esport
Hearthstone (from those I've watched more than 3 games) - RNG based pay 2 win mobile game with stale meta, 40 card decks could be played with autopilot AI if you put few lines of code together. I didn...
Ultimately if CS:GO dies because of people not caring anymore, then nobody should be bothered because people already moved on. If you enjoy CS and want it to live forever than you have to keep support...
wasted talents in csgo
he will soon, school and age restrictions ... he has enough time to shine
wasted talents in csgo
Xantares is probably the most prominent to me. I admire his commitment but he personally would have been doing much better in other teams. Boltz joined SK at unfortunate times and that might hinder h...
New FaZe
Thing is, they were already in slump before he took a break. Might have been caused by his issues but they struggled bad. I'd love to see current Faze against Astralis but this tournament win didn't l...