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Navi so lucky
definitely one to watch #CIScarnage
best mice of all time?
I got used to Logitech G500s in and out of the game very comfortable. I definitely thought of upgrading it because of the cable. Over the years the cable got stiff and it can get stuck on corner of ...
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs eXtatus
eLiVe proves that eXtatus could use a revamp or maybe some deeper strat meeting as he stands in to replace Zedko fairly well... also shows that thete's still potential for more in this squad
Make super team with your country?
might as well, but I'd love to see him doing some mad frags for once :D ... or maybe something like dynamic STYKO had with oskar where he was basically covering AWP and that increased potency of AWPer...
Make super team with your country?
XGOD!! I would probably bench him though :D
Make super team with your country?
I'd say the same two weeks ago, but in USA MonttY played above everyone ... if we ignore first 0:2 against AGO he statistically ended 1st or 2nd on his team in other matchups. While Zero is currently ...
Make super team with your country?
I actually don't know, but I believe queztone would fit in well and DEV7L is czech so no use here
Make super team with your country?
GuardiaN (AWP) Frozen STYKO queztone (IGL) MonttY if needed replace someone with Zero and/or HenkkyG depending on who's available and you get the usual national roster
Why there will be no events in brazil!
Brazil is a security risk for organizers due to high criminality ... you could ask F1 organizers what they went trough this season when in Sao Paulo. If you want to make money you want to make the tou...
eXtatus vs GameAgents
this should be a close BO1, they have very similiar map pool and I guess we'll see Cobblestone
had to go with KuroKy ... especially after winning TI
Faze laugh thread
NIP won the tournament not just against Faze ... they've proven that they deserved the title ... but hating on Faze is obviously cool nowadays give it few weeks, when the honeymoon phase ends and thi...
eXtatus vs Space Soldiers
didn't they make the major? I mean, main stage is completely another beast
eXtatus vs Space Soldiers
Seriously, what happend on Cobblestone ... I could imagine this being a grudge match for Minor but 44 kills and 1.52 against major team ... amazing
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
well that's kinda what I meant ... it's LAN that mostly matters and we've seen none of it so far ... it couldn't not be much worse than it was though but considering the deal and compensations probabl...