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FaZe changes
Because it's kind of repeating story with Karrigan, as much as I like the guy it was the same for old Astralis and before. With less influences from coach and considering any player can star at any ma...
FaZe changes
karrigan > coach golden > IGL replace/hire ++ sport psychologist
worst logo?
Out of top 30 teams I'd say NIP ... it doesn't work well as a logo (too complex and very thin for small resolution) and there are no pyjamas whatsoever, would be better if they atleast attended lans i...
SK bad move
It could yield some short term results but I don't see this working as well as they used to.
Rain and Guardian
now that they can afford food ... but srsly, you age, you'll get fat unless you put in more effort
FaZe fans ?
can't agree less, I support them because they field no.1 player from my country
fnatic Xizt XDDDDDDDDD
Xizt replacement for Golden to Faze except probably not and fnatic are still in hangover since they won
:D I wish you had a chance to coach a pro team
0/8 ... CS is much more than raw firepower, go ask S1mple
FaZe Biggest Problem
Coach is responsible to keep their emotions in check and he tried his best it was clearly seen he tried to keep them in check. You could change player and hope for the best or keep team that plays co...
Next big event predictions
I almost feel tempted to bet on it. It must have terrible odds though.
Next big event predictions
I would laugh trough tears if you were right with this prediction :D
FAZE is an embarrassment
I believe you would advise them to change players? ... so they most likely do what Astralis did ... remove Karrigan, maybe win 1-2 tournaments and fade to obscurity, that would be very unwise. So far...
FaZe vs fnatic
Great final, a bit sad that Faze couldn't clinch one home but atleast they make it very interesting to watch.
Faze karrigam
This final was really tense and close ... if game goes to 2nd overtime both team would almost deserve a win and the smallest details changes the outcome. Actually was surprised that Faze even got to t...