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GPU vs Display scaling
I use GPU and get better results
+1 to these, they work well. I like that the cable is long but if you have bigger ears these might chafe your ear. I had to switch them out for another headset because my right ear would chafe really ...
Rain walking to the trphy lookin sexy
he's lost weight/hit the gym
liquid will throw 100%
MIBR rekt Astralis... Liquid almost choked. Can't say it's a throw if MIBR is way better and wins but yes it's smarter for Liquid to throw.
Cpu dilemma!
i did i59600k a month or so ago, no regrets. Way cheaper than comparable 8700k. I'd go for new technology over the 7700k, especially if you don't do intense editing.
all phones that you have owned
Blackberry 9360 Samsung Galaxy J2 (2015) iPhone 4S Google Pixel (died to a bootloop 1y3m after new, best phone I've owned though) OnePlus 6
100-200fps i7 & GTX 1080
I had an i7-3770k before I recently upgraded to my i5-9500k. CSGO is really CPU heavy and with my 1060 I was averaging 220fps. After upgrading, I average 300+ fps. I would consider it normal. Your fps...
I watched a match a long time ago, Finland vs whoever. The casters were talking about young talent and sergej was playing for Finland. They said he was going places... looks like he did.
music career *update*
+1 her voice really threw me off. It was good 80% of the time but she had some weird moments
ELO rating system sucks in Swiss System
Best streamer to learn from
how to play, but I could learn how to rage well too
Why is Navi in final?
nAVI won the head to head and that is the tie breaker unfortunately
poizon is very good, definitely a rising star
how far can your aim take you?
Everywhere but NA there is more emphasis on tactics
Can we make the longest combo ever in HLTV history?