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Rush along with Rain is one of those players who used to be insane but seems to have fallen off for some reason. If he still can't find his way back up, then I think this move would make sense because...
FaZe -AdreN -GuardiaN
Ex6TenZ (IGL) NiKo (Star) S1mple (AWP) Rain (Support/Entry) Olofmeister (Support)
device #1
His teammates elevate him more due to chemistry than individual skill. No one is doubting Astralis is the best team, but s1mple was undoubtedly the best individual player in 2018.
Feel bad 4 NiKo
You don't need an igl from a top team. Get one that's free or not established. I think Ange1 would leave HR for faze. I really want to see Ex6TenZ on faze as I think he would be a good fit. Either way...
Feel bad 4 NiKo
NiKo is the igl and has Olofmeister, GuardiaN, Rain, and Adren to work with. It's his fault if his teammates suck. They need a new igl, because niko can't do it.
2019 everybody.
FaZe, MiBR, Liquid, NaVi, Mouz and Fnatic
Imagine -nitr0 +s1mple Stewie calling.
FaZe AdreN
Because faze needs an igl to work. They don't need more firepower.
Faze leaks?
Ex6tenZ. Make it happen.
Virtus.pro vs AGO
TeamOne vs Old Guys Club
They apparently couldn't play next round. And they also mentioned beforehand about not wanting to take someone's spot. Considering they're all streamers, I doubt they would have committed to the major...
TeamOne vs Old Guys Club
Literally about to 2-0 the 2nd/3rd best team in Brazil and they just bounce. Wtf.
tennis help
My sister used to play tennis. She says it depends on your athletic ability since you're moving a lot. Also, you need to watch your form, as a lot of people pick up bad form and it's hard to fall out ...
s1mple k/d +12 (1.27)
At first I thought he would hands down win it around July, but Astralis just keep winning everything and the fact is that, dev1ce has only a slightly better rating than his teammates, so he gets mvp e...
s1mple k/d +12 (1.27)
When you're as good as s1mple and have Edward and Zeus for teammates, of course you're going to bait them, nothing wrong with that. Same reason why cold gets called "Baitzera". Always the last one ali...