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f0rest Krimz Flusha Olof Golden/hampus coach threat the dream
heaton after 1.5 spray OMEGALUL
AUG Nerf Discuss
maybe make it like 1.6 which reduced the rate of fire while scoped in. but the problem is also that its too easy too spray with. feels we are going further and further away from the insane skill cap c...
Flusha cheating...
he left fnatic cause they didnt prac LOL
Flusha cheating...
there is a reason he throws fakes without planning on going to the other site, he just wants the CTs to get of their default positions, cause he is the master of the midround and gladly gives up a pl...
f0rest greatest counter strike player ever
nah i it was my bad after reading it again
f0rest greatest counter strike player ever
sorry i phrased that very bad. i ment that you cant consider coldzera "up there" if you dont also include get right cause he has done the same for 2 years AND more. i said that cause even if he just h...
f0rest greatest counter strike player ever
i mean if u put cold there u have to put get right there. get right was number 1 2 years in a row and number 11 after. but also top 1.6 player which cold was not
f0rest greatest counter strike player ever
so was get right. but just like cold it was just for those 2 years
JW always wanted to play with xizt since beginning of GO if remember correctly. and xizt was also supposed to be carns protege when they played together in fnatic 1.6 but he left for nip when GO beca...
Highest IQ player ever?
i donno about actual IQ but ingame IQ i would say Flusha, fallen, or gla1ve
europe is great. EU is not
i cant stand him cause if you asked him if he would be a good fit for astralis he would say yes and actually believe it and try and convince you why. i dont mind his accent at all, YNK was my favourit...
Fnatic vs G2
fnatic is gonna push their shit in if g2 keep playing like this