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I said SMOOYAGODTOP1 unironically, kill me now! :D
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steel ban
Robiin got banned because of a cheat he got for a different game I think. Steel got banned because he threw a CS game for skins. I don't think Valve are going to even look at any of his appeals.
Isn't this a six man team? Where's DESPE? Am I missing something?
SD in Sweden
Looks like SD to Sweden is the SNP to Scotland.
The worst problem of your country ???
Prime Minister.
TBH our internet does suck... my ISP chokes me everytime I try and watch something on YT. Not to mention the engineers constantly fiddling with the wires.
Pro players hairline
Male pattern baldness. Happens quite a lot.
zywoo exposed?
Only one which is suspicious is the mirage clip, otherwise I think this guy lost a lot of money betting against zywoo and made the video
*slaps top of Croatia* this boi has so much upset potential
Southgate bad manager - england terrible
Just a shame we couldn't :)
Southgate bad manager - england terrible
"England SHOULD win vs the likes of Colombia, England, Panama, Tunisia (lets not forget they actually struggled vs them), you shouldn't get extra credit for beating this teams." England should win ag...
Belgium got robbed
So that Belgium* would lose. We were only letting our reserves stretch their legs lol
Belgium got robbed
The only reason I'm upset is because I wanted a England vs Belgium rematch tbh
thorin was right
TBH Thorin decided to use Zeus' poor core mechanics in one, powerful term in a time where people get offended at everything. If he had said "Zeus is a great leader, yet lacks in firepower such as [In...
Still proud
Let’s be honest, BIG didn’t beat the whole thing, but did some pretty impressive shit. They beat FaZe (the whole standin thing no longer matters because it turns out cromen is actually a god), and mad...
Very nais compilation