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I said SMOOYAGODTOP1 unironically, kill me now! :D
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retirement is extremely likely admittedly, i've never been a big fan of happy just looking at him igl in a booth and i'm like "i would not want this man leading my team" he seems so pessimistic and to...
No games tommorow
If we lose against Tunisia, I will never watch the World Cup again.
Steak doneness
+1 Why do people eat their steaks well done? It's called that because "well done you turned a perfectly good piece of meat into a rubber flip-flop."
N0thing vs Cromen
I've only been watching since late 2015, this is quite different.
N0thing vs Cromen
The real question is: when was the last time we had a final with two stand-ins in CS?
Yes, once... then I came to my senses.
mirage strats
>solo q >mirage >strats what do you want
Smooya xD
Xyp9x or EliGE.
1. Astralis 2. NaVi (on good form) 3. Liquid 4. Current FaZe
Do you shave?
Sideburns best
Why faze hate?
A lot of people don't like FaZe, from the CS fans, their background, the way they choose players.
Astralis vs FaZe excuses
I'll try not to sound biased. Fake fans will also make a complaint, because they're like "Oh these guys are beating my favourite team, they're my favourite team now because they're clearly the best." ...
Astralis vs FaZe excuses
Those are die-hard fans who refuse to believe that people have faults.
Astralis vs FaZe excuses
Astralis are the most likely to win. They are extremely good, even the best pros and analysts agree. If they lose, there are no excuses. FaZe has one excuse: they have a stand-in they've only h...