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How is this a bad major???
Definitely you dont know what kinda game your in for with this system. I like it tbh but i can see why people dont
How is this a bad major???
I think people are saying its a bad major because of the quality of the games, most have been stomps really but i agree that the legends stage should give us some great cs
I r8 your sneakers/shoes
Thats all you need in your closet my guy
Pro players smoking?
Pro players smoking?
Lol i disagree with you so im retarded i guess and my response was just going off what you said, if you came with the argument that they are sponsored and paid then maybe i would agree but you said "...
Pro players smoking?
Ok your definition of professional is im a rank higher than you im professional? Im professional because i say so i guess
Pro players smoking?
How did i not get what you were saying? Let me analyze your comment then, first, you called me kid i guess to try and discredit my opinion due to my age, then you ask if i realize they are pro players...
Pro players smoking?
Has nothing to do with the topic of the conversation lol your trying to turn me into some sexist idiot
Pro players smoking?
Lol nice original comment yourself "kiddo". Im not saying im better than them myself, cause im not but they're not pros lets be honest
Pro players smoking?
-Pro player -Juliano Pick one
mousesports vs Cloud9
No not really but ok
Candy Camel vs EMC
Candy camel needs to make a major so I can have their stickers
BootKamp vs SK
BK vs SK. B comes before S on the alphabet, BK 2-0 confirmed
Losing virginity with hookers
Keep your innocence
Losing virginity with hookers
+1 For being an honest human being on the internet