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americans explain please
The middle class/country bumpkin white people out number the rest of us. Simple
Top 10 IGL of all time CS:GO !
1.Fuck this topic it gets reposted everyday 2.Fuck this topic it gets reposted everyday 3.Fuck this topic it gets reposted everyday 4.Fuck this topic it gets reposted everyday 5.Fuck this topic it get...
Vox eminor
Who bets on a showmatch???
Should i start to watch Star Wars?
I think you should. Star wars is one of those things that are infinitely better if you go into it completely blind/aren't a fanboy
Why does racism even exist
White people gonna act like white people like always nothing we can do about it
Whats your goal in life?
To acquire as much currency as possible, blow up, then act like i know no one
Jennifer Lawrence on twitch!
+1 Reported with quickness
everyone is scarry
+100000 Boring ass map
sk fans come here
+1 Fake ass fans will hop from dick to dick depending on which ones bigger. Shows you they were never really fans in the first place, just liked to have a winning team to claim for the moment
This has to be bait
Fuck dust2
hltv won't remove threads here is why
+1 It took them 3 or 4 days, cant remember but it was up for atleast 2 days cause i remember it would check to see if it was gone yet, to remove a post with naked pics of kids in it lol this site is c...
reddit cucks trying to ruin hltv
Lol stop going on reddit then
I hate people. prove me wrong
+1 Thanks friend