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They always lose at the UCL qualifiers so no surprise
Manchester United - Leicester city
We will see :D
Manchester United - Leicester city
They dont really have enough squad rotations, so they will struggle a lot but i think they will finish in the top 3 anyway
Manchester United - Leicester city
They also havent lost a player. they already have a decent squad and good coach.
Manchester United - Leicester city
There are three POSSIBLE champions i think: City Liverpool Spurs
>wanting people to be poor and enjoying with things that he is nowhere near > racism and discrimination Pick two
If anyone really thinks turks are somehow connected with arabs,I will say this: turks are coming middle east/europe from middle asia and arabs were in Arabia all the time so even its not true it would...
Should i play Rainbow Six Siege ?
If your decision is to buy, you should definitely buy the normal edition
I'll guess your Football team
True, im impressed
I'll guess your Football team
Turkey Not flat Brazil
TOP 5 IGLs CURRENTLY (my opinion)
Fair enough, golden brings his team to strong communication level i believe and makes their players to perform consistently but still al lot of room for improvement though
Are you a patriot of your country?
TOP 5 IGLs CURRENTLY (my opinion)
Top5 igl rn 1.gla1ve- he puts a high standard performance with astralis lately. Obviously they play so tactical and structured thats why they always perform a spesific level of play. 2.Zeus- lately ...
Free Agent Dream-team
Golden Styko Frozen Scream Jdm