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Leaving UK tomorrow :(
The republic is much more different to Northern Ireland - much different people. There’s big polish communities in Northern Ireland, I find poles to be quite shy but extremely hard working.
Leaving UK tomorrow :(
yeah the people are nice, you can get on with pretty much anyone as long as you make a nice first impression but its just the whole atmosphere isn't nice.
Leaving UK tomorrow :(
I live in Northern Ireland Your class is more important than anything here. There are huge superiority complex’s. I may be leaving next year, don’t like this place.
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Shut up new fag
german smokers come
Why is that Cya in 10? That’s literally a historical fact. Was it in poor taste? Yes, but it’s still a fact so don’t try to censor history.
countries that no one hates
. I’m northern irish I’m telling you first hand There is little to no irish influence north of downpatrick. There’s faux Irish cities like omagh but they’re still british culturally dominated. Imo ...
countries that no one hates
Yeah but the point is going over your head. The northern half of Ireland has never EVER been inhabited by anyone but the British. Its never ever been under irish dense occupation, and never will be.
countries that no one hates
It’s really simple Geographically, Ireland really should be totally British. The Irish culture it’s played up and really doesn’t exist, it’s just insecurity. Northern Ireland is totally culturally...
countries that no one hates
Actually no. Northern Ireland culturally is far more linked to Britain. If that wasn’t the case it’d be a United ireland as there would be no real reason for Northern Ireland to exist. We have strong ...
About Portugal
I vacation in Portugal every year. All over, a lot of the algarve isn’t that nice, it didn’t really get the money that a lot of northern and central Portugal got... HOWEVER Monichique is my favourit...