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John 3:16, John 14:6, John 8:32, Hebrews 11:1, Revelations 21:8, Romans 1:16-17 , Galatians 1-10.

If you have Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour you have everything, and if you accept him as your lord and saviour of your life, repenting from your sins, asking him for forgiveness and following the bible with all your heart and soul, you will be one of the children of God and you will be heaven.

All this is physical and perishable the things that you dont see are eternal ( spiritual world) We all have a soul and we either go heaven or hell, and i advise you to choose heaven, choose Jesus Christ.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is an eternal richness and it will never perish, he who has the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is rich everyday and has everything.

God sent his own son to die for us on the cross, he ressurected at the third day, Jesus Christ took for us the punishment we deserve, the wrath of God. That is true love, grace and mercy.

The Biblical life, is a life of total change, total repentness, what does this mean? All the sins you were in, all the trash you had in your life, God wants to clean you from that, because it will doom you to hell, eternal doomness, eternal fire.

And how will you change? Holy Spirit is the answer, because he is the one that convinces us from sin, he convinces us that we need to repent and ask The Lord for forgiveness, he is the one that regenerates us, there is no conversion without regeneration, because regeneration is change, and without change, you cannot become a christian.

God wants you to be saved, accept Jesus Christ in your life, accept him as your Lord and saviour, repent from your sins, and ask for the Holy Spirit to enter in your life, in your heart and mind, so he can regenerate you, and change you, and you will be saved, because the christian life, is a life of repenteness, repent, accept Jesus Christ as your saviour.

You have the truth in front of you, what do you choose? eternal life? or eternal doomness?

Hebrews 2:3 "3 how shall we escape if we ignore so great a salvation? This salvation, which was first announced by the Lord, was confirmed to us by those who heard him."
So no, atheism does not save you from hell, islamism does not save you either, buddhism does not save you either, hinduism does not save you either, Only Jesus Christ saves you from hell.

John 14:6: "6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
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Multiculturalism part 2. Come here Please.
Adultery is not only physical, its also mental. Because God sees everything, he sees also our mind. So if you see a women just as a sexual object, you are adultering. Freedom of thinking meaning, you ...
Is diversity a strength?
Its not a sin, just the way leftists preach it, is absolutely wrong. They create division, chaos and an upside down society that they want respect and coexistence, you cant have respect and coexistenc...
Is diversity a strength?
Leftist diversity? Absolutely not, it creates a chaotic and upside down society, its the doomness of every society.
Multiculturalism part 2. Come here Please.
Freedom of thinking is one of them, Roman Herectic Catholic "Church" didnt allowed that, they would kill you if you think different of them. That reality changed when the protestant reform came by.
Multiculturalism part 2. Come here Please.
Nowadays Leftists and the media want men to be women and women to be men, they support an upside down society, and an upside down society is the doomness of that society. Sounds like they are doing th...
Multiculturalism part 2. Come here Please.
The thing is, Islam is an imperealistic religion/system. They tried to conquer the Iberic Peninsula Portugal and Spain , and they conquered great part of it, except the North of Spain and Portugal, fo...
Multiculturalism part 2. Come here Please.
Thats completly pitful and horrible... what a horrible scnerario that is.
Multiculturalism part 2. Come here Please.
The major problem their, is how much drug mules and how much drugs can go into the US, among that migration. Not saying all those migrants are drug mules of course.
Multiculturalism part 2. Come here Please.
Those countries are more undeveloped, thats one of the reasons for sure.
Multiculturalism part 2. Come here Please.
I dont see Leftist trying to spread multiculturalism on an islamic society, why? :) I am ok on migrants, as long they respect the country and the culture of the country they are going to, not the case...
Multiculturalism part 2. Come here Please.
Actually both affect people a lot, both options. If you read the quran and do a research about the life of Muhammad, you will know what i am talking about.
Multiculturalism part 2. Come here Please.
Dont come here spreading white guilt, i dont have blood of anyone on my hands i didnt kill anyone. Islam is dangerous. They kill gay people on their countries for being gay, they commit " honor crimes...
Multiculturalism part 2. Come here Please.
The point of this thread is that Islamic culture does not mix up, cannot coexist with Western Culture/ Society, and there is enough proof of it. One of them will prevail, and if its Islamic culture,...
Multiculturalism part 2. Come here Please.
This is just a proof that not all refugees are in fact refugees, some on that mass migration wave are truly criminals.
Multiculturalism part 2. Come here Please.
Sounds like a bunch of excuses. Maybe some not, but some look like it.