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Who is the GOAT?
Hulk vs Thor
yea , the guy from death note, just write madara uchiha down and it's all done
I am worthless
Maybe it does count but focus on other things, get yourself training football or something and you will find friends and people that share your vision atleast.
I am worthless
I was in the same position, but the one thing that helped me is sport. It could be any kind of sport, in my case it was volleyball, you just focus on it and try to get better with every day. When you'...
Languages u speak?
Bulgarian English German
Valiance vs Windigo
I doubt that, but atleast I am not mad kiddo whining over 10 euro lost on CSGO match
Valiance vs Windigo
madbettor hahaha seems like you can't find success in the betting
Windigo vs Sprout
Nope. you're not, you are brainless albanian cunt
i rate ur country
That's your opinion, I'm just saying many people won't appreciate him as he is doing great in only one team and that's why I think there are better players than him
Actually no, there are many good football players in the history of the sport and I think that no one can be called "the best ever". I'm just saying that messi needs to prove himself in other league o...
Nope, he is doing well only in barca and that is because of iniesta na xavi, if he do well in other league maybe then he will be close to the title "best football player"
Argentina Deserved
PHAAHAHA Argentina worst team ever... Clearest penalty ever for Nigeria
PHAAHAHA Argentina worst team ever... Clearest penalty ever for Nigeria
Kinguin vs Windigo
So many pro players commenting