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Astralis Grand slam?
Why would Katowice be their last chance? They are currently 3/6 meaning they have 4 more events to win it, only IEM/DHM/ESL events planned are pro league Obviously I can’t say for sure their won’t b...
not a choke
when you rush apps 2 rounds in a row, something you didnt do the entire game, and cant get any kills while doing so, which ruins your economy cause you forced for no reason, thats a choke. They did t...
NAF lool
defuse is with no defense knowing a player is on either angle against the best team in the world - no reaction opening pick, clutch, and game winning play against the best team in the world - no reac...
I am going to war :(
ur name contradicts you
s0m "prodigy"
youngest MVP in the history of CSGO, that's who
s0m "prodigy"
Ex6TenZ lul
karrigan's calling in map 3 of the grand final when they were up 15-10 lost them the game, if that's not choking I don't know what is
He rotated from inner b ramp to olof in like 15 seconds, and secured frags, only s1mple....
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Argument for niko
You mean top 4 for 2 years, he was never top 3, And btw, last year he wasn’t top 4 because he CHOKED so many finals. He had a .94 rating in finals for being the star player who gets all the best posit...
Natus Vincere vs AVANGAR
They may beat AVANGAR but Liquid will take this home, sorry NAVI