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why ppl racist...
"Emigrate is from the point of view of the departure. Think exit." And he is from the UK so he said he was gonna Emigrate from the UK, therefore "exit UK". WHat is hard to understand? you are proving...
why ppl racist...
ur good bro this autistic kid is proving your point with the definitions but still saying you are wrong hes dumb af
Infinite racist?
stop baiting
Infinite racist?
If you call someone the N word in most of europe, raise a nazi salute, make even the slightest joke about denying the holocaust, or heil hitler you will be put in jail.
top 20 players 2013-2018
Yeah but he wasnt on the list in 2014, that's what he is saying.
top 20 players 2013-2018
I don't think you can read. I'm predicting how this leaderboard will look once you add the next HLTV top 20. If it was so unclear I will elaborate. "After the next HLTV top 20, if you were to update...
Cold G.O.A.T
why give points for the Intel grand slam? thats such a dumb way to think about it because it's not like that was there for the entirety of CS. What if I gave arbitrary points for the longest map stre...
top 20 players 2013-2018
EliGe is gonna go up, this will be his 2nd year, the only NA player in history to do so. and NAF is gonna be the highest NA player in history as well.
top 20 players 2013-2018
lol you know I'll just reply to you just because im bored and clearly you are too. Why even go for this lazy bait? JW is no where near top 20 and obviously coldzera is gonna be atleast #20, what's e...
his play in 2017-mid 2018 was just overextend with awp and die like MM player
top 20 players 2013-2018
awful bait, 2015 was a great year for CS. Only irrelevant years were really 2012-2013 but they shouldnt be removed.
top 20 players 2013-2018
coldzera is gonna have more than JW this year, cold is probably gonna be somewhere in the low middles and JW isnt gonna be anywhere
Most 1v5 clutches
this thread is from October, look at the dates, someone revived it. This was before he won that clutch
top 10 players of all time at their peak
No coldzera (im assuming thats because ur one of the baitzera hltv spammers), but you put device. Can't put device u dont even acknowledgr coldzera
End of AWPers?
No but im blaming him for still being mad about it a year later, KNG was the #1 pick for Fallen/Cold/Fer/Taco but Noah said no.