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Fer ugly
v6? turbo?
if it were me, i would choose the opposite arm of my dominant hand (i'm right handed, so left arm tattoo), don't know why, just prefer it that way.
wtf am i supposed to do
not cool, it's one thing your friend asking a girl you fucked out because there isn't strong feelings there, but an ex? this only means that he had interest in her from the beginning and waited for yo...
did u quit csgo?
left csgo for more than a year now, been just following tournamentsnow i am playing f1 2018 and returned to tf2
your dream car
basically almost every group A/B rally cars, and an M3 e36 eurospec
ESL Cologne 2019
the hud really sucks, why not make a simple hud with lots of information? if i wanted to see flashing lights i would go to a nightclub
well since here in brazil this time of the year during night it reaches temperatures over 30ºC we already have "cold" showers
iPhone overrated?
overrated and overpriced, uses a OS that cages the user with it's non customizable gui, removing features so that dumb owners can buy a 80 dollars useless dongle and thinking it has the latest technol...
Brazil murder rates
well at least we are good in something
Best BR City?
a lot of germans in south brazil
TOP20 2018
can't say all the 20, but for sure s1mple will be #1
visit brazil???
yes, south you have beautiful and cold places, the most polite people located in brazil and a lot of other stuff
“Money can’t make you happy”
just knowing that you have enough money to not starve, lose your home or not been able to pay medical bills is already a big fucking relief, then with more money you can get stuff that hypes you up, l...
visit brazil???
yes but don't go to rio or são paulo, go north of the country, there is a lot of beaches that are beautiful, check this article (it is in portuguese but use google translator): https://viagemeturism...
kick fer ffs
kick tarik ffs bring a brazilian back