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coolest team to watch
I like to watch Complexity cause fan og blameF and what hes done with the team so far and Furia cause of their playstyle.
Top 5 baiters
Saying BlameF is a baiter and havent seen a CoL match. So youre relying on what complete stupid hltv users postulate. BlameF has sadly been a victim of the Mandela effect and youre contributing. Sham...
I feel like i kinda knew this. But I lost i think 7 matches in a row and were still global. Could that be because my individual performance were good with a lot of points and many mvps every match? I...
That also happened to me lately. I have no idea how this system works.
Then i dont understand what youre saying. You stated "astralis hasnt done that well this year so you can exclude 2020, its not like they dominated this year they are not even nr1" And I say its obv...
Ofc they havent been playing their best when 2 players went on a break. Would you expect them to be just as good with jugi and snappi?
Youre beyond stupid. Repeating yourself wont make you right.
And why do you think that is?
Heroic vs Astralis
When you keep being lucky, its called skill
Good DM servers
There is. Cyberchoke has two only awp DM servers
Overrated Players.
Finally someone who understands the meaning of overrated 👍👍
Overrated Players.
Im sorry, but you got rekt. And good luck with copying and making some kind of new meme with your "Hope this helps" Hope this helps
Had a weird dream
Had exactly this the other night
Demo recording
Aaaarh i see.
Demo recording
I found it, and it works. If i could kiss you i would :D