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FaZe vs Liquid
Yea its sorta disappointing I think the problem (not saying he should be replaced, its a top 5 team currently) is Nitro. He frags decently but after the major I feel like his calling fell off, thank...
JONTY IS AN ADMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey dad, what do you want for fathers day?
s1mple > all ntnt
coldzera fanboys
+1 but still i think he mightve been #2 or #3 but still better than cold WHO IS A BEAST (cannot take that away)
coldzera fanboys
check his stats dummo... u got rekt by a fookin burger
S1mple is not 1/10 of what coldzera is...
NaVi had guardian carry them too before s1mple??? use brain dummy... im stoopid burger horse fucker and i know more than u :cryingoflaughter:
Coldzera represents old CS
@le_girlsgirlsgirls i am regretting it trump should be kept here, we can hold him for 2 more years
Coldzera represents old CS
lolol if a ukrainian says so i guess i have to believe it
Coldzera represents old CS
proven by a Brazilian-- i will send you my lucky first world regards
Coldzera represents old CS
brazil considered part of NAcs LUL. Europe snowflakes though. s1mple not toxic
Liquid vs Astralis
its a possibility... 3 hours until T T N E & N fuck shit upppp edit: in a good way
Liquid vs Astralis
they are playing okay compared to astralis but i do hope they can put up a good fight against the top 1 team rn
+1 everyone has bad tourney, look at VP!
French Shuffle
https://shuffle.flickshot.fr/share/cA7JE look at team 1 and 2
ahahahahahhaa be quiet mr excuse peebrain poorboy $8000 a month doesn't even speak spanish portugese lookin filha de puta edit: wait... this is really smart...