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Is Astralis Actually boring ?
astralis = tim duncan's spurs. people are only saying its boring cause they are winning too much and cant appreciate the fundamentals. its only made worse with the teams below them. navi cant expect ...
Bettors come here.
the bad teams in the nba can be really bad and there is incentive for them to tank even with the new draft lottery reforms lowering pick odds. would stay away tbh.
Top 5 F1 Drivers
hard to rank how good these drivers are when the team's support driver can beat the rest of the field even though people know he is worse than them.
Thorin Mad LUL
gandhi and martin luther were assassinated for their nonviolent protests. advocating for social justice is equivalent to not being hired for a event desk. yeah ok.
Spacestation OMEGALUL
would like to see who wins between spacestation vs envy. both teams with 1 win in their leagues.
s1mple vs dev1ce in STATS
he was non existent at the beginning of the year cause of stomach issues.
Analysts or casters?
analyst - less effort and dont have need to be attentive for a long period.
Renegades fans IQ level
your missing the point. its not about them being top 1 but rather overreacting to the result. more like a meme when you beat a team much better than you.
they have more patience that when dignitas signed the team with the EPL slot. 1 win out of 14 game and no changes? wtf.
Renegades fans IQ level
its some friendly banter that people arent suppose to take seriously which you are.
MIBR vs Renegades
when a win is discredited cause some people allege mibr didnt try.
THORIN destroys FACEIT marjor and James Bardolph!
Same as today when EPICENTER hired him.
Thorin Mad LUL
he didnt want FACEIT in association with dreamhack (2 organisers for DHW 2015) to make conclusions early when it wasnt investigated thoroughly and to create a scene over potentially nothing. he said t...
Thorin Mad LUL
an analyst's main job is to provide insight on the teams and their strats. a currently IGL with a team in the top 10 or so and an experienced coach are more than qualified to do such a role. its only ...
Thorin Mad LUL
comparing 2 of the greatest civil rights movement leaders in history to a csgo personality. lul.