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CSGO Skin betting sites?
no. you can only bet with dota2 skins now cause of this 7 day trade lock.
What about skins betting sites? who know site, were i am bet only skins?
dont bet site with coins since they need to stock skins for you to withdraw.
GG.BET Official Q&A
your ad on twitch channel efragtv says refresh your inventory but you got the wrong image for a flip knife marble fade. you used a regular fade pic.
What about skins betting sites? who know site, were i am bet only skins?
csgo188 shut down cause of the 7 day lock. basically when you deposit skins, its stuck on their account for 7 days so valve could let wait a few days and banned a lot of skins (their ones / yours). it...
Control vs Grayhound
playing their perma / 1st ban and worst map again against control. well ok.
TyLoo vs Fierce Tiger
baiting on your alts too. cool.
TyLoo vs Fierce Tiger
they lost cause they played on singapore server when boot had 5 ping. when both teams had 30-40 ping. tyloo stomped them the last match.
TyLoo vs B.O.O.T-d[S]
it was 5 ping v ~65 ping match. esl / iem makes teams play on singapore server no matter where you play from while SL will pick one which is more fairer for the teams. if boot have that advantage agai...
349p for Astralis.
the most "stacked" tournament didnt include the 2 of the form teams over the past few months - mousesports and navi (who both made the grand final of starladder a week earlier from IEM Katowice). both...
Safe betting csgo site ?!
you can set the minimum amount of your items in your winnings from your profile. i set it to $120 so my betcoin adds up and i withdraw when it hits over $120 so i dont get any items that clogs your i...
bots banned by valve.
Dignitas vs compLexity
dignitas win 1 round. get reset. rip economy whole 2nd half.
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
how can the #1 team lose so many rounds up a man in a row?
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
faze literally had the advantage in every T OT round and still couldnt win one. 3v2 3v2 2v1 jesus.
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
faze has had some bad strats but also quite unlucky.