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Safe betting csgo site ?!
you can set the minimum amount of your items in your winnings from your profile. i set it to $120 so my betcoin adds up and i withdraw when it hits over $120 so i dont get any items that clogs your i...
bots banned by valve.
Dignitas vs compLexity
dignitas win 1 round. get reset. rip economy whole 2nd half.
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
how can the #1 team lose so many rounds up a man in a row?
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
faze literally had the advantage in every T OT round and still couldnt win one. 3v2 3v2 2v1 jesus.
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
faze has had some bad strats but also quite unlucky.
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
3v1 bomb not planted and lost it. lul.
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
karrigan is overrated as an IGL. his strats sucks in finals when they have the better team and his fragging is nonexistant.
Splyce vs compLexity
13-2 -> 15-15 -> 19-17 won on splyce and didnt have to sweat against map point so gg.
Splyce vs compLexity
roca 2v1 and ptr trapped in the corner. why does he peek instead of waiting for davey to double peek? wow that was so bad.
LDLC vs Astralis
its too early to judge but these players need to be micromanaged or they dont know what to do.
Astralis vs LDLC
ldlc relegated for sure. absolute shit show. ex6 plays with outdated strats but this is just a joke now. lose 5v3 over and over. peek 3v1 afterplant.
Corvidae vs Athletico
athletico first game with 2 new players. they were fighting with GH, TM, ORDER and chiefs for the top positions but losing texta - best player fucked this team hard. just no replacing that level of ta...
TRIDENT vs Tainted Minds
gg lose 4v1. ez throw trident.
Grizzlys vs Mythic
3-0 -> 7-16. never in doubt once mythic got a round.