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Ex-SS disbanding
this team isnt competitive without xantares. say all you want about calmness but at some point you got to hit your shots which is the objective to winning games. yam performed better than what he did ...
fer Ex or Current girlfriend?
cant disagree.
where tarik going?
c9 to replace one of the swedes would be his best decision.
-edward -flamie
not sure why edward gets most of the blame when flamie's contributions is no different.
unless you queue at 2-3am then i always get matches in 3 mins.
bets are locked unless theres a forfeit before 10 rounds are played. gl but doubt it.
ggbet scam
bet on sportsbet au site. betway and bet365 also cap user winnings and/or withdraws. lul.
-edward +starix
better than doing nothing.
x-kom vs Virtus.pro
not that great but decent. 2.55 v 1.45.
I am ruin teams
golden state warriors.
1. device 2. s1mple
depends on how much they value winning v ratings.
Why Navi is n2
10 rounds in 2 maps against mouse and liquid. barely beating order 16-14 (who is losing to tier 2 au team breakaway). beat ghost and sharks to qualify for playoffs. meh. lost 16-6 to eUnited. this t...
Why s1mple #1
thanks for proving my point. wesg isnt a comparison due to nationality rules and the prize pool is going to be reduced in part from the absence of some elite participants. the only tournament that ev...
-edward -flamie
ange1 hasnt done much with woxic and issa so not sure if its going to be a upgrade.
Why s1mple #1
LOL @ the majors arent special when its the thing people remember most. list the events when the first prize matched / exceeded $500,000? el premier? wesg? what else? not many more if any. thats a li...