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Vgo skins
Bitcoin prices have gotten nuked from the start of the year and the wax token used on Opskins is lower than the ICO. meh.
Too many sketch betting sites. Only sites I trust now are local sites like sportsbet thats been operating for years (protected by local consumer law) or dota2 skins that dont get changed into coins fo...
Csgo positive
5etop - best betting site for dota2 skins. same people as csgo188. you get payouts 2 minutes after winning bets. i hate sites that bet with coins since you need to wait for them to stock skins or oth...
is buff88 legit?
Just use Betway or Bet365 then you wont have problems. The other sites will limit/block your withdraws or lower your maximum bet amounts if you win too much. I know they dont have as many betting opti...
OpTic vs NiP
He just makes a new account which there is no rule against when he gets banned like what he did with Black137 and Black138 in addition to the alts I cant keep track of. Theres 2 other users who are ju...
Sprout vs NiP
Just some issue between them and twitch but you can on YouTube. I prefer Youtube > Twitch anyway since you can rewind live tv which you cant do on twitch and better quality in addition to no buffering...
Why u hate on Thorin?
My biggest issue with Thorin is hes very hypocritical of players who are on a similar skill level. He goes about ex6 fragging ability when joining this new G2 saying that his stats should be taken wit...
5etop betters
There is a daily 12 hour lock out (7am-7pm PST or 3pm-3am CET). They swap their items around their bots in case their old ones get banned. Its mainly for the protection of users from what I see.
Paul George
Things change in a year. Playing alongside Russ and speaking up for him when he got snubbed for an all-star spot makes you appreciate the type of friendship they have. Its not like he gave a commitmen...
Bravado vs subtLe
No. Just a late server change to Denver so HLTV doesnt have the IP but the game is going on fine.
CSGO Skin betting sites?
no. you can only bet with dota2 skins now cause of this 7 day trade lock.
What about skins betting sites? who know site, were i am bet only skins?
dont bet site with coins since they need to stock skins for you to withdraw.
GG.BET Official Q&A
your ad on twitch channel efragtv says refresh your inventory but you got the wrong image for a flip knife marble fade. you used a regular fade pic.
What about skins betting sites? who know site, were i am bet only skins?
csgo188 shut down cause of the 7 day lock. basically when you deposit skins, its stuck on their account for 7 days so valve could let wait a few days and banned a lot of skins (their ones / yours). it...
Control vs Grayhound
playing their perma / 1st ban and worst map again against control. well ok.