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mousesports vs AVANGAR
time for buster and jame to shine on international LAN.
Rise Nation vs GX
thanks for the win rise. ez bet.
can someone explain ?
a handicap take into account how much better one team is over the other and the better team starts with a disadvantage. here the betting site says SS is 3.5 rounds better per map if you bet on SS. th...
ViCi vs New4
a bit ridiculous how vici handicap results always follow chinese betting sites. the fix is so obvious.
Space Soldiers vs Rise Nation
SS another ez bet over NA. should of put more but happy with 300.
2 ez handicap bets today. warriors and thunder. warriors since no harden and thunder since their starters didnt play much on the first back to back.
New4 vs Red Wolf
gas and xiaosage. upgrade over last team.
Prime is the worst idea ever
use trust factor - play with 20 hours nova 2 who dont use mics and cant aim when im mg1. prime is necessary, they can learn the fundamental on casual.
Major Talent
metuz for semmler. like every thing else.
Flash vs MVP PK
Flash is more trash than before. rip.
its not people hating you but the amount of venting you do is annoying. you throw a tantrum if the team you bet on lose a round and brag if they do. mvp is a huge overdog so picking them to win is the...
Current Best CS:GO Betting Site
csgo188 knives and skins payouts are under market cause of christmas money. more profits for me.
easier to call than csgo cause teams dont throw. thunder have won me $3000 in 3 games.
thunder free money again today.
TheMongolz vs 24BHB
mongolz so bad now.