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fnatic vs OpTic
High school bullies and Glen from TWD
Guardian miss shot
yes it was
NaVi fix
Bulgaria is close to Ukrain,he definetly knows several words,he can learn more
-edward +seized when
seizen wasnt bad when Navi had guardian,but they were disappointed with him because of his IGL skills...i feel for him cuz he got kicked not because he was bad player,but because he was bad IGL,as a r...
done with cs
+1 csgo good but not best r6 best
No respect for McSkillet
Should have found a psychologist then,but no,he decided to go and kill innocent people
No respect for McSkillet
Having depression and killing 2 innocent people is a big difference,if u are depressed you want to kill yourself,not others...this was just a psychotic manner //edit I wrote Going instead of having ...
No respect for McSkillet
He stopped making videos since getting banned,i guess for him it was money = happiness
New french roster
Yeah i know that but you want scream and kio in team considering the fact that NBK as igl in g2 wasnt doing well and scream is scream the same time you want NBK but im not sure about rpk/ap...
New french roster
-Happy -zywoo +scream +kio NBK or kio igl (kio would be better for it) and NBK to awp (he played awp several times in G2,solo holding Inferno B site
10/10 movies ?
S1mple: "AWP is easiest weapon in game"
GTX 980Ti
Lmao buy it,definetly worth it
Most hated HLTV users
Where is vladick69