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I don't think it's olof's fault per say, but more so the positions he is being asked to play are the sacrifice positions. So if he joins a team where he can be groomed to be the star player again, the...
Replace Olof with huNter and add LETN1 for IGL over adren. I hate to say it, but it's the best move for FaZe right now. Not many other good options. I originally was thinking flusha for olof and anoth...
imho... If they remove flamie they'll be way better off. I think edward is doing his job, and has a lot of insight to offer as a veteran along with zeus. They need someone consistent, who is a rock an...
Metuz+Moses chemistry
I think he's great for the knowledge of the game. He's got Vince and Anders for hype. I'd rather not hear two annoying hyped up dudes, yelling into the microphone about a smoke grenade being thrown. H...
ENCE / Vitality / Cloud9
FaZe could barely beat complexity, never mind a hot, inspired c9 and I'm not stating coL is bad by any means. They did way more than anyone even thought they could this run, despite having two last mi...
Is csgo actually dying?
... There's 2 streams (only counting the English streams) going on at the moment and they both have over 100K+ views. When it dwindles down to one stream, then there will easily be over 200K on the ma...
It's great... We're finally seeing all the right teams end up on the Legends Stage. Now we just need c9 to beat winstrike and the major will be really amazing. Not that I think they'll have a huge cha...
I think Vince and Moses are doing a way better job. That g2 vs fnatic match was way more hype, even though I was really looking forward to c9's match.
Literally just an opinion news article, and non-factual.
Rush set to leave Cloud9
HGTV confirmed.
New VP
no body cares at all
Exactly... The dude's never even played on LAN before. He's surrounded by some of the bigger teams watching his every move and against one of the top 30 teams.
Uhm.... they lost 16-14 to TyLoo, who is a team and their team is a complete PUG. They barely lost and d0cc was their 3rd best player, even Fejtz did terribly. TyLoo is a hard team to play against, I'...
Kinguin should kick minise as he has no impact at the moment at all and pick up snatchie. Would make this lineup much more complete. I watch minise constantly waiting for that insane awp play, or some...
D0cc hacker or onliner?
This shit is getting annoying. The dude did decent actually compared to TyLoo who is a TEAM, and they are clearly a pug of friends with two stand-ins (scream & d0cc). A pug who lost 16-14 to TyLoo who...