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I hope minorities take over the United States
they can't even run their original countries but you expect them to run the US? HAHA
I'm having a 200$ meal AMA
pic or didn't happen!
Europeans come
and you thrive on American inventions? aventually for really important operations you'll fly to America...
Europeans come
point is in a true free market, without any sort of socialism the prices would be going lower and lower especially since it encourages innovation which in turn reduces prices.
Europeans come
I mean in a free market prices should never go that high for a bone, I mean technically you are better off fixing your own bone then paying 100k for a "professional to do so" which makes no sense, loo...
3 Best players from your country?
maybe 1.Nertz ( been considered the best over the years overall but the entire scene is real shaky atm ) 2. Anarkez ( left the Israeli scene unlike Nertz and actually managed to bring results ) 3. Buu...
zywoo lmaoooooooo
roasting a top 1 player when you're a nobody :DDDD n1
Indian Here , AMA
same as in Israel EXACTLY the same, here the left actually opposes segregation can you believe it? they call them selves democrats but only when convinient.
Pakistani here, AMA
probably most :D
Pakistani here, AMA
"Abroad" hmm wonder where
covid 19
1 day without eating
ez game for bumas
just made bolognese spaghetti
honestly if you made the sphagetti itself real good well made it should be good :D
TV Shows Ranking
I agree, I don't think i've seen the entire show but the characters and buildup r really good