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Failed No Nut November Already
does your nick have anything to do with radiohead
Favourite BANDS or SONGS
1. Radiohead The greatest band to have ever lived. Changed the course of rock music and the most dynamic band ever. Anyone who doesn't like them doesn't get the genius of their music.
175cm 17yo
watch out for trans
175cm 17yo
I wonder where you live, probably max 10 percent of Turkish girls are taller than 175cm. Rest are short. Turkish girls are short.
u really think it will continue?
A majority of the turkish population is kurdish. We live together in peace and harmony. The "freedom fighters" you are referring to are nothing more than extremist terrorists pumped and used by other ...
best guitarist of all time
John mayer is the best living blues guitarist imo.
best guitarist of all time
depends on which style, If you're into BB king, SRV, Hendrix, Clapton etc, the best guitarist currently in this genre is BY FAR John Mayer. The man has taken the craft of all blues legends and master...
18+ rate girl
fake plastic _______
best BEER
momonti filtresizini yudumla sen amk
New mirage leaked??
that's not a leak lol
star wars
I'm gonna be bold and say that the rise of skywalker will be the best yet Ranking: Rise of skywalker>Revenge of the sith> the empire strikes back>the return of the jedi> a new hope>the force awakens...
I Love You Guys
Taco and jw
I think mibr have potential It's gonna be between Astralis, Liquid, Faze, Mibr
Major predictions!
mass bans inc