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Lol vs csgo
Probably because League esports are advertised everywhere in the game's community and on the client. It takes up the vast majority of the front page news and whatnot. Furthermore, the countries in wh...
Lol vs csgo
League has more than 100 million monthly unique players in the last confirmed report by Riot, a little over a year ago I believe. The one prior to that was in 2016 and it also confirmed over a hundred...
$2 Million Dollar House in LA
Didn't say it wasn't a big house, simply comparing what you can get for the price compared to in LA. The contrast is quite shocking to say the least considering this house is not in a rural area, quit...
$2 Million Dollar House in LA
Don't necessarily 'need' all the space but it's still filled up you know. There's plenty of bigger houses that truly make you question what the point of the space is. A few of the rooms in our house c...
$2 Million Dollar House in LA
Our house was initially built in 2004 (finished 2006) for a total of 1.4M Euros when the purchased ground is taken into account as well. The total area of the home is 1200 square meters. The house h...
link ur fav songs
Honestly I listen to way too much to have all-time favorites. Everything cycles in and out, here's my recent favorites ig:
If you go into it without prejudice then I think there's a good chance you'll enjoy it.
made k pop twitter mad
Nice. Twitter K-Pop fans are usually into the most trashy parts of the industry and generally have obsessive personalities. You'd be surprised as to how many actual good K-Pop songs there are, even ju...
Chinese faceit
Guess my response was more meant for the guy who said China number one at copying things. Such an overpushed narrative which ignores the fact that it's exactly what any current 'first-world' country ...
Chinese faceit
Aka how every top tier product ever was made. Positives tend to come with negatives, if you're capable of putting together a good product which has the positives but cuts out many of the negatives, yo...
On a standalone level Korra is good tbh, unlike most sequel series it truly builds a new, modernized world. I think the biggest reason the series isn't accepted as a good sequel is because the charact...
Actually, I'm pretty sure none of them are crying with 100k added to each of their bank accounts.
Valorant or Phantom
Still phantom, though vandal is a bit more viable now. Maybe in lower elos the vandal is good, I used it before ranked came out and dominated. When people know how to move effectively and you can't ...
I've been enjoying it a lot... It's got some different skills to master than CS since it has a different balance of individual and teamplay, different map design and abilities of course. Furthermore t...
Overhyped teams right now
And what about the other events? Also flukes? When a team like EG, G2 or Liquid ever wins an event, even if just one, no one will remove them from top 3 for the next half a year.