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83.43 million people and no tier 1 team
USA inventions :D Their school system is shit so they have to import people to do research. Who wouldve thought that having rich parents is not a smart system to choose who should get a university edu...
Left-wing VS right-wing humor (hot take alert)
Tom of Finland style hard-gay leader Jörg Haider was the best :D
Trump witch hunt
What non-sense? You can read confessions to everything from Trump's Twitter feed and still you russians try to spin it :D
France immigrants blocking street
Typical retard baited :D
You only need to activate win 10 once, reinstall without key and its activated after install is complete. It ties into your motherboard.
feminism ruining girls
Starving for attention :D
feminism ruining girls
Plastic butt lover :D Motherlover :D
feminism ruining girls
Starving country using their limited resources on plastic asses giving advice to a-list movie stars :D
Height Crap
If that makes you feel better :D
mantuu UK
Why? Most people try not to think about Polish people leeching. It angers me that my money is poured into the pockets of some corrupt shits crying about EU.
Height Crap
Every girl drools over some 40 year old guy :D Must be an Eastern European thing about money. Here in civilized world we can marry people we like and still live great lives :D
Tyloo Cheating?
Could be a shitty server setup too. Random results.
ENCE vs mousesports
Woxic is playing on some 8€ chair so lets hope it breaks on a crucial moment :D Also the whole setup is laughable. You cant afford height-adjustable tables in China?
CSGO Low fps
This. SLI is utter shit in most games.
12 cm dick (18+)
Common in porn. Plus a long thin dick is worse than a shorter one.