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R8 my GF
If those tits are perky, you will not look at her face.
France police WTF
Whats so extreme about this? China is actively using Nazi tactics to suppress opposition and no new about it anywhere. Nacht und Nebel copied 1-1 and used in China.
Your favorite girl race
Slavic cucks triggered instantly :D Poland and Hungary have like 50% incels :D
Venezuela the new iraq?
Careful now Icarus. Pretty much everyone hates your death camps as much as they did hate Stalin's and Hitler's.
Venezuela the new iraq?
Fight those imperialistic pigs with imperialism :D God people are stupid.
ViCi vs North
WHo the fuck made major qualies bo1:s???? Winstrike 0 bo3:s won and through :D :D :D
Turkish BIG fans
What refugees?
Venezuela the new iraq?
What use is an ally like Venezuela? He wants cheap oil and a place for a military base. China is after the same thing. USA wants cheap oil and no bases for China or Russia. None of them give a shit ab...
Most beautiful place in your country
Kevo Canyon.
2020 Election
Of course you can vote. It just makes no difference who you vote.
Yes. You can read the truth from sites like
ryzen 3 2200g users come here
The speed limits too. Id go for 3200MHz cl16 min.
ryzen 3 2200g users come here
Why go for shitty memory? Itll hurt the igpu even more than it hurts Ryzen perf.
Rain better player than Ethan??
NA cs :D Top 12 team cant even fit on EU online leagues :D
Finnish Army
Russia was allied with Nazies before Hitler double-crossed them. Thats why Russia was free to take the baltics.