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Politics Question
Nope. They literally print money in USA too.
Witcher3 is so bad wtf
Nah. It helps that its not Rockstar garbage with mushy controls or the same hide in bushes shit every other game is.
Scottish accent
Yes. Speak slowly like to a retard.
Rate Fragrance!
Autimatic explain
Trump is the ultimate leftist. Hes like a Venezuelan dictator forcing people to count votes till he wins :D
Witcher3 is so bad wtf
Story gameplay all of it. Butthurt ps4 xbone owners threw a tantrum of what youd expect on spoiled brats nowadays. FOMO. The biggest weapon against console fanboys.
Witcher3 is so bad wtf
Cyberpunk best game in 3 years. No 30min animations on looting etc that made RDR2 boring as fuck.
Twitter deleting shit?
It is. You can say what you want, Twitter does not have to spread it and newspapers dont have to print it. What you want is some fascist shit where people are obliged to cater to some fascist cunt.
Biden is china's bitch
China has to attack to keep the cleptocracy going. Same reason why Russia needs to stay aggressive. Useful idiots need to see its that foreigners are to blame for their poverty, not the stealing corru...
Biden is china's bitch
Bait? Trump acts like Stalin. Wants to keep people counting till he wins :D And take a look at USA map with poverty rates? Red states are poor and the retards keep themselves poor with voting like ret...
Biden is china's bitch
Trump seems to have same values as China. Hates democracy and his party likes to force people to live in poverty. Republican states have massive poverty rates.