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grenade bind
Its extremly helpfull. If you quickly want to throw something then you jist have to press a button instead if spamming 4 untill you have the right grenade. But you only need to bind 3 grenades, flash,...
olof not bad
He's not a bad player overall but he's a shadow of his old self. Most people still think expect the same insane skill as he had in 2015 which he no longer has.
f0rest ?
yh i know but I'd love to see him more on the rifle
f0rest ?
he should stick to rifling; had much more impact when he uses a rifle
Top 15 IGL of All Time(CSGO)
Do you even follow the pro scene?
Top 15 IGL of All Time(CSGO)
Thats why he keep performing and is one of the best fragging IGL right now...
Top 15 IGL of All Time(CSGO)
Lol no Nitr0?!????
OLD Major Format
This stage is where the rookies and bad performing teams are eliminated so the rest of the major is of higher quality. I don't mind that this stage is now 'part' of the major aswell because I like wat...
OLD Major Format
just don't look at this stage
Gob B overrated?!?!
No one is a legend for playing for a long time, you're a legend of what you've accomplished
Gob B overrated?!?!
You're very new to the pro scene if you don't realize that he's a legend
ZywOo is currently #1 HLTV !!
"According to my calculations"
why alex is british?
Himself and the fact that he plays for vitality a French speaking team and before that ldlc another French speaking team
All free agents so far
Xcurrate isn't free, he's just no on the starting lineup anymore
dodged a faceit game
You're pure trash for dodging the game