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Pistol Round idea
oh shit right. forgot about head armor
UK breakfast >>>>>>>>> (not even a question) Spain dinner > French dinner > Italian dinner thoughts on lunch?
Pistol Round idea
+1 you can go up to 1000 right? wouldn't make a big difference but maybe you could raid boss someone with a deagle and still buy a smoke cheapest gun is mac-10 at 1050
CSGO World Cup
does dephh still play? might have to take surreal instead
+1 mad respect for the most animated and smart NA player
best player in each region
fair. i'd go with device over Niko right now
best player in each region
best player in each region
NA - Elige CIS - s1mple (Ukraine only left CIS economic region in 2018 and is definitely CIS in culture) EU - Zywoo (edit: device. zywoo stats aren't great because team sucks but still better in skill...
TACO vs support players
+1 was gonna comment these exact words Styko was Godsent's 2nd star but now with Farlig maybe he'll be more supportive
ALEX, ANGE1, and Lekr0 are all available also for a small buyout FaZe could get steel or maybe cadian. they could've gotten hampus before he was signed to NIP too. there were plenty of options.
Olof vs Dev1ce: who is the better all time player?
number 1 two years in a row? many mvps and trophies?
Olof vs Dev1ce: who is the better all time player?
device is no question the GOAT of CS:GO. Olof doesn't even come close. I'd say GeT_RiGhT or Coldzera comes closer for the title. Peep my thread from a few days ago
-nitr0 +????
wow thanks. the stuff he says about motivation is very interesting and makes a lot of sense. can't wait for a decent schedule and for LANs to come back. so much more enjoyable for everyone it seems
-nitr0 +????
when did he start igling for liquid?
FaZe igl
nexa is much better than decent. especially as an igl. he's by far g2's most consistent player, he just has a lower ceiling than hunter and kenny