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there was some tech issue with body's pc
you can still access it with vpn but what can we do about twitch just think it lags so hard even though there is no problem with our internet whatsoever
twitch is terrible in some countries including mine and fb and youtube streams work fine so why not
Actually ocelot just twitted reshuffle incoming and niak replied to him with curious eyes so maybe thats it
bug teams are valve fault
dude its not like its totally valve's fault its the source engine which alllows this kinds of bug and takes a lot of time to figure the problem out. and 2nd thing it is player's fault not valve its no...
So when is Astralis banned for using illegal driver setigs?
even people got so mad at fnatic for olofboost but this is ok for noobshit astra fans
FNX set ready back to MiBR
its not like fer and fallen are doing great fallen has 1.07 best and fer has almost same as tarik and btw tarik is playing support role so it happens
you want to go to facts as well then in india there are 33000 cases of rape per year and we have a population of 1.3 billion. and half of them is women that is statistically 0.0054% of woman . and in ...
we have 2nd largest population in the world we are 5th in the list and denmark is in the list of top 10 so you better get your facts straight before accusing us for something https://www.wonderslis...
we'd rather have peace then blowing bombs in other countries:)
forsakeN faceit level 6
idk about him but i get playable pings at night only in faceit
forsakeN faceit level 6
not defending him or anything but we get shitty pings on faceit you wont find players with good kd in india on faceit
c9 pls sign kennyS
idk they signed so long contracts so maybe he is ready to give them a year
Revolution vs OpTic India
c9 pls sign kennyS
as ex6tenz said when team was formed he needs at least a year lets see what they can do after that