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R8 Oldschool Black Metal from Germany
Yeah i think i would try to avoid that guy. BTW funny story friend of mine in highschool go to some metal concert with his friends but the thing is they listen metal for him that was first experience...
189 cm 115 kg
His nickname is controversial but overall he is nice guy.
R8 Oldschool Black Metal from Germany
I wasn't on their concert, but it's true it sounds and look amazing, atmosphere seems to be unique my fav is wacken 2009 with massive death wall.
R8 Oldschool Black Metal from Germany
That black metal sounds more like bsdm. Btw. Best German metal band is Heaven Shall Burn.
Holy shit Poland
He was criminal with wick mind, he got manipulated, and release his anger and frustration on someone he blamed for his life failure's.
Selena Gomez in your bedroom
Girl have some mental issues, so thank you very much for an autograph ill call the cops.
[FIFA 19] Choose me team for career mode
Playing with teams with budget is boring try to pick some shitty club a become champion.
Top 20 players 2018: 7th
Top 3 players from ur country
Twist Brollan Krimz You're welcome.
Players you miss
I miss my fucking thread over 250 replies in 4th days and got deleted without reason.
Top 20th Users of 2018
I always wanted to create popular thread, but it's curse I need to unsubscribe cause 240 notification in 4 days it's too much.
Worst top 20 players
XD should i be sad or what?
Worst top 20 players
Even silver can make high list like this.
Top 20th Users of 2018
I saw you regular on the hltv, you're quite popular, and you dont write shit.