Scandinavia top 1. No question.

- BOTFOX is done.
- Magisk > Kjaerbye, BOT MSL and LULzy will not save the shakerbye.
- CS:GO might be dying, but it's still the #1 FPS. F you noobs.
- mOE is trash at CS:GO.
- kNgV = uneducated kid.
- NBK: "Danish Football, LUL" ---> Magisk: "French CS, LUL" ... BEST BURN EVER!!!!!
- As you can see above, FR CS is dead.


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Project A "Cs Killer"
Well TF2 is going to receive some serious trouble when this is ready. But let’s see.
Project A "Cs Killer"
Imo indeed, I won’t be playing this unless they fix the high jumps and the textures of the abilities (and really make sure they aren’t key). Leaping around constantly along with what I just saw won’t ...
alpha scandinavian nation
Imagine thinking you are alpha with 0 majors
Snax ruined PL SCENE
Yes because when Snax was at his prime, it’s his fault everyone else were in quicksand to the neck
Project A "Cs Killer"
You haven’t tried a pingu excuse just yet boi 😎
Dirtus low
Idk man, the brand is being humiliated for all it’s worth
Duh, the fuck do you mean is it real?
Bye dude lol
Rate my AK craft
Project A "Cs Killer"
Tactical shooter sure, which is where I might have screwed up. But so far it’s not appealing. We will have to see how they approach similar abilities, but the high jumps and colored walls that block v...
Project A "Cs Killer"
IDC, I can see there’s dumbly animated “walls” that block vision, and it’s colors are screwed. I will be waiting to see What other abilities they put in, but if it’s similar I refuse to believe it wil...
Project A "Cs Killer"
And there you said it yourself: Hero spells. Can’t you hear how effing idiotic it sounds? Raw skill gets cancelled out by RPG elements in FPS shooters and are boring af. They continue to miss the po...
Project A "Cs Killer"
Yep lol
Project A "Cs Killer"
Indeed, it’s insane how blind they are
Project A "Cs Killer"
+1111111 CS is love, CS is life