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English level
22/25. One I'd say was due to me being tired, but at least the 19th question legit threw me off.
But did they have fun?
Makes sense, actually.
Who overrates Ence? They are shit and literally everyone including the Finns know this. Edit: don't get me wrong aussie teams are always big piles of turds as well. :)
188cm height and 69kg it's okay?
Anorexic or no money for food? Massively underweight, near the sick level.
OG Awper
I'd give Wardell a shot. He said he wouldn't mind playing for an eu team also if I remember correctly.
best csgo mouse?
If it's rubbish why did you buy 2 of them? Usually if I think something is shit build quality I don't buy another one, just saying.
There Are More Than Two Human Sexes
2 genders and 30 different types of queers.
best csgo mouse?
And source for this is? Your ass? Because I've used the same DA for years and I'd never switch at this point. When it does break eventually I have another one in a box waiting.
best csgo mouse?
Can recommend also. It's very specific in its design though, it either fits in your hand perfectly or it'll feel weird imo.
100thieves -grat
Fair enough.
100thieves -grat
I see your point, but they just made a final and depending how that goes it might make your post invalid. But we shall see.
100thieves -grat
Wardell could work, I don't see any other clear awp upgrades from oce/us(where they are located). But I don't see a reason why they would kick grat right now. Don't fix something that isn't broken. Gr...
YNK Best
YNK Best
You overrate how important coaches are in csgo.