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Headset to buy?
Cloud 2
faze choked again
In tier 1 tournaments* :(
FAZE WTF?!?!?!
Faze played pretty bad but liquid played great the timing and stuff it was all on point.. also I think crowd gave it away sometimes. So many weird kills in smoke. Well crowd or not i guess liquid was ...
faze choked again
It's better to watch your team choking against top teams than watching them win grand finals in zotac cup or moche xl events and not even make past the group stages xD
Astralis WTF?
Because it's a well known fact that hltv is biased af
What pros should retire in 2019?
My top 5 would be Neo Pasha Gtr (waiting to see him at desk, would be such a great addition) Happy Friberg
I wish..
s1mple > cold (2018), cold > s1mple (overall)
I mean if you're considering pure individual skills then he's right and if he's talking overall like achievement and stuff then cold comes on top easily. S1mple has the highest skill ceiling I think ...
gla1ve REKT
Can you link the article?
device 2 majors s1mple 0 major
Only 12 yo fans of s1mple will get triggered on this. Its a truth and device very well deserves that major as well :D s1mple is better than device though as an individual player.
Not happening in week. Map creator said it'll be released in 2019.
Best Pistol Plays 2018
s1mple had many good plays with pistol this year as well
Mibr doens't have a fix
Also people always put cold top3 in aim and reflex. Man whatever he did he did by his gamesense(great positioning) which is pretty good. He never had an aim like niKo or s1mple ! Never awped like guar...
Mibr doens't have a fix
Bro I'm not saying he's a noob. He is good player yes and if you're playing as a pro for some years at some point you're going to get that 1v4 1v5 highlights no matter if you're star player or support...