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smartest lyrics?
This is very smart. Behold a new Christ Behold the same old horde Gather at the altering New beginning, new word And the word was death And the word was without light The new beatitude "Good luck, yo...
smartest lyrics?
Here is the cool one. Have you ever though about your soul can it be saved Or perhaps you think that when you're dead you just stay in your grave Is God just a thought within your head or is he a par...
I r8 ur favorite song
Favourite genre of music
Rock/Hard Rock
nEw music?
What do you listen to?
nEw music?
Some good shiet
[18+] Fap Problem
[18+] Fap Problem Cures any addiction
I rate girls
hitler couldnt win
You are proud of him?
Your favourite music?
If you like Peter Gabriel and Genesis, i have some Christmas gift for you. This band is from early 70s, they have only one album but its fucking good, they are very obscure, every song is great on th...
Listened to 120+ albums this year AMA
Do you already heard and listened to Opeth or not? if not i think you will be blow away by them?
Listened to 120+ albums this year AMA
That's fine but at least check out the songs if you want, i think they are great and very not typical to say.
Listened to 120+ albums this year AMA
I can recommend a bunch of things, i'm glad you like instrumental music. Nick Johnston - Remarkably human Great melodic album, i love it, i highly recommend it, he droped new album which is also qui...
Listened to 120+ albums this year AMA
When it comes to extreme metal, i guess things i can recommend are something you already heard before, if you enjoy BTBAM, you will love Opeth but probably you know them, Behemoth is a great band, at ...