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Berlin Major Winner
Avangar. Why not?)
Russians come here
Another tournament by weplay,u can check their previous analyst studio even from dota 2 events,every time they try something new. It's not that bad tbh.
Jame. The next star?
Well, he's not so consistent against stronger teams but still pretty good. Btw https://www.hltv.org/news/25815/top-20-players-of-2018-gla1ve-8 When asked about the player he thinks could have his br...
https://www.hltv.org/matches/2331070/faze-vs-complexity-iem-katowice-2019 Indeed,he was so bad at that match. Get rid of him,not botlof. But adding Krimz looking good addition tbh
Whatever tbh,have both teams in my pick-em. Just relax and watch some cs without worries :)
Navi luck
dosia 1 major. Any other argument is invalid.
you have a point,but rn he have electronic instead of seized,obvious difference:)
but what if simple just back on rifle and just sometimes on awp(when it's needed)?
100% predictions FOR TODAY
U can't reach gold nova at dota. wtf?
Vega or avangar
With a small chance - both teams. But I'm almost sure it'll be avg only from all cis teams here.
-Zeus -Edward -Flamie +ANGE1 +Jame + HObbit
Nah https://www.hltv.org/news/25867/qikert-my-expectation-is-that-were-going-to-make-the-top-10-this-year Check end of that text.
Next major location
China. Because valve is cuddling up to them.
Awkward now.
CIS Minor unnecessary??
that's a little bit harsh,don't u think?
CIS Minor unnecessary??
Their problems is lack of IGL,just bunch of good aimers. Sad tbh =/