shut the fri*ck up
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i r8 ur favorite player
In 2017 he was 11/10 but now he is the worst player in a dying team :-(
i r8 ur favorite player
Every weapon should have 100% first shot accuracy
They shouldn't just decrease the kriegs accuracy as a nerf like they did with the Aug, making a weapon more RNG to make it weaker is just fucking stupid
Every weapon should have 100% first shot accuracy
I don't want the SG553 to be a much better choice than the AK just because the AK is too inaccurate
TOP 5 1v5
Fallen doesn't count, put rain 1v5 cache instead and I agree with your list 100% :)
Is God Real?
Everything is pure consciousness so everything that exists is God
making up past mistakes?
woxic, toxicity problems
what the fuck turkish guy shooting at isreal guy on the ground hahahaha maybe this isnt even coincidence
smokers who work out
If you really really really want to quit you can quit. My father stopped smoking the same day he found out my mom was pregnant, and even though it was hard for him he didnt smoke a single cigarette si...
FaZe vs BIG
2017 NiKo <3
your dream map pool?
d2 cache inferno train cobble before the updates made it shit overpass Insertion would be really interesting to see if teams take seriously
niko flash assist saved coldzera damn
How old were you when you got your first phone?
Had a shit phone at 8, first real phone at 11 i think
Vitality coach???
i met him at the airport after esl one cologne and he had a bruse on top of his hairless head and i couldnt help but stare at it all the time hahahaha
Joker movie
was a good movie but nothing i would ever rewatch or think should win any awards