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Greta Thundberg and Climate Change
Why shouldnt we use the oil which lays on the ground?
Swedan Explain
But it borders stockholm but still stupid why they dont call it sollentuna city
Turks = Arab
In germany, both turks and arabs are called "Kanacken"
Car licence exam
Passed 3rd time i had luck at the 3rd time the tester didnt know about the route so my teacher told me the route so he pick the best route for me. Than 20 minutes later we stop at the company which of...
Picture of your city Lübeck, Germany
your countries biggest foreigner groups ?
Wow the biggest foreign group is just 5,7%
your countries biggest foreigner groups ?
Its not 13,3 % turks, you should count out the kurdish people
Never host event in Turkey anymore
The worst tournament i remember
kazakh are turk??
I thought you kazakhs are mix with russian. I asked a kazakh and she said they are no mix
turkish football coach
kazakh are turk??
No ethnic relations? Dont kidding me
do u hate brazilians?
Here in germany we dont talk about brazil and brazilians in general. We dont know much about them. We dont have negative views about brazilians. You are not at a level with indians.
German and turks on hltv
We are the biggest countries in Europe and like to play cs go, thats why we are here
VAR in football
Cs go>football Every round is enjoyable to see in cs, in football you have to wait, also cs go matches are longer than 90 minutes football
Turkey is like germany in 1930s now. But turks are brainwashed by their media and dont believe it. And turks in germany support akp or mhp but are complaining if germans vote AFD or NPD LOL