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Natus Vincere vs NiP
You don't know me, and you say I'm stupid? It makes YOU stupid.
Natus Vincere vs NiP
Just kill yourself.
Russianians come here
Smells like animals? Knowing your mentality, this might very well be your ('civilian' europeans) excuse to actually act like animals in the great Patriotic war. And sadly it really was.
154cm almost 39yo
You better care about your health at this age, not about your height.
Give me your Fnatic fixes
It's about chemistry, tactics, and winning (which was all there) and not about your bottom fragger stats.
Give me your Fnatic fixes
Just bring back your golden era players JW Krimz Flusha Pronax Olofmeister Losing Pronax was your biggest mistake.
Natus Vincere vs ENCE
Just don't be that Nitr0 saying you will win 2-0 and everything will be OK.
If Na'Vi won this major
very low chance, my man, very low chance...
porn is bad and you should feel bad
It's how novelty works in anything, not just porn. Games is a very good example. But it's like... anything.
Mistakes your country made.
I am talking about victory versus fascist evil, I am talking about space and science achievments, I am talking about free medicine, free and one of the best (actually the best) educations, I am talkin...
Mistakes your country made.
That one too, but at least after that we became a very strong country with a very good people. And I can't say it nowadays.
Mistakes your country made.
yours maybe
Mistakes your country made.
1. 1991 2. 1991 3. 1991 but that was not mistake, but betrayal and weakness of our leader =(
Congratz C9. Top 1?
Home crowd factor. This team is not Gamb1t for sure, but they are not top tier team either.
Ye its ok to fuck everything that moves