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lost all money, I have nothing to eat
You have anything in your pantry? If you do just find out what to make
R8 me
Good looking but kinda pathetic asking on HLTV
ATK onliners?!
You lost
when does MM actually get good lol
Best Country Food Wise
It pretty much just sauce meat and rice but it’s really good
when does MM actually get good lol
I live hour south of LA.
Best Country Food Wise
When I went to Singapore the seafood there was some of the best I’ve ever had
Best Country Food Wise
My top 5 in not particular order Mexican Indian American Italian Japanese
when does MM actually get good lol
Faceit isn’t much better I do t know if I play against a lot of bad wall hackers but I generally get better teammates and harder enemies in mm than faceit
Political view?
Independent centralist with a conservative views but open to opposition views
Do you Think Trump is a good President?
I don’t think he is bad but I don’t think he is good either. I think that the fact that he was even elected shows how much the American people want change
Liquid roster Change not clickbait!!!
According to other sources like dekay this rumor is bullshit
Mirage is the best map
Mirage is a good map but it’s the only map in the game that has been in the pool since the first major. I think it’s time for it to take a break
I don’t think there a fluke but #3 in the world is way to high
Yeah ur wrong S tier are teams that are expected to win tournaments and beat everyone below them. None of these teams lose BO3 to teams in the tiers below them