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Most popular people from your country?
cs sucks lol
Played a little of source and 1.6 those games are easy
cs sucks lol
Yeah cs is good ur just not good enough yah goof
IGL and Team Practices Advice
Nah tbh I am in the same predicament but my team isn’t having the same problem. Tbh you probably have idiots for teammates
2014-15 CS
Old AWP was good but the new sounds are way better now. Also the old gloves were nasty
2014-15 CS
It’s true I look back and think of all of the good things I have done and think to myself I used to be better at csgo but I was a dirty silver and now I am a much better player
Train is one of Astralis’s worst maps. That’s not saying a lot though because their Astralis
Where do I sign up?
ex6 laugh thread
I wouldn’t go that far I would say gla1ve has shown that he is the best tactical and skill-based IGL we have ever had but Ex6TenZ is up there. Unfortunately I don’t like ranking IGLs over time because...
ex6 laugh thread
How are you smart enough to use a computer let alone post a comment on hltv
ex6 laugh thread
Ex6TenZ’s best team was VeryGames we’re they completely dominated the scene right next to NiP. Ex6TenZ just hasn’t implemented his tactical system he is known for as well as being a bad player. Thorin...
Vitality upgrade
Azk is French canadian
create a super player
Yeah but with s1mple’saim and device’s playstyle and xyp9x’s gamesense how could you ever kill him?
create a super player
s1mple’s Aim device’s playstyle Xyp9x’s gamesense Easiest best player ever
Team to win against Astralis
This team is just a mix of HellRaisers and NaVi. I’m being realistic if you don’t like electronic even though I believe he is the best option Hobbit could work too