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R8 ass
stop trying to teach me english*
VAC WAVE ?!?!?!?!?!??!
u cant get a vac ban without cheating. vac is 99,9999999% true. it works like this: if a cheat is running a code in the background and vac detects it, it means that you had a cheat running. doesnt mat...
SkinChanger Bannable
depends on the skin changer i guess. ive seen ppl with skinchanger that shows the skin to everybody and ive seen ppl i nthis thread saying its only visible to them.
[18+] Best dark jokes
VAC WAVE ?!?!?!?!?!??!
not saying youre cheating but there are private cheats that basically ARE undetectable because no one gives valve the code. if they dont have the source code they cant make it bannable (or at least it...
LOL REKT guess ill have a nice day in csgo :D
very rare case though. a vac usually is permanent because they ACTUALLY found a cheat that had his code running in the background. its like a fingerprint basically. if they find one ure fucked.
+1 detecting cheats is always good no matter what kind of cheat it is.
SK vs Gambit
scientists are baffeled. man grows his dick by 3 inches with THIS SIMPLE TRICK:
God exists
spent too much time to look for the scientists name that said this LUL
God exists
"if you cant proove it its not worth of discussion" - some scientist whos name i forgot its the same as saying the past didnt exist because there is no definitive proof. everything just got created...
What nation you hate the most on hltv
this guy is such a baiter tho. asked for some stats. one hour later still nothing. ecksdee
What nation you hate the most on hltv
yea that always gets to me. if i wanted to move i can move whereever the fuck i want, no issues. maybe i am 2nd hitler nobody knows kappa. look at the hungarian crisis in the 60s. we took roughly a m...
Europe Refugee Crisis
while i agree on the war refuge thing. i think if theyre fully integrated in french society they shouldnt HAVE to move back once the situation in syria has stabilized. after all they have built someth...
That's why Skadoodle is sad
imo its weird to get engaged after 4 months. even moving together is weird after 4 months imo. id need at least 1 year to move in together. engaging? 2 years min. my sister got engaged after 4 years w...