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Least liberal countries?
oh i didnt get it then sry :D i hope erdogan voters learn from this.
fair enough lmao
Least liberal countries?
turkish economy? lira losing 40% value? do you live under a rock? ;D
When are stickers coming out
ye it was like one month or so right? so they should be on the way very soon.
Least liberal countries?
rip your economy m8 :/
Least liberal countries?
right wing government since january. left wing government since the last 2 decades. and before that the right got voted ONCE. before 2000 all left / liberal governments so stfu. you dont know shit hon...
Least liberal countries?
im calm just sayin :D
Least liberal countries?
its way more complicated than what they all say. weve had the left parties ruling our government since the last 2 decades. the mentality doesnt change overnight just because we have a different party ...
Least liberal countries?
that happens everywhere. doesnt have anything to do with our government.
Least liberal countries?
closing mosques equals banning. kk
Least liberal countries?
banned mosques? deported muslims? what the actual fuck? muslims get deported everwhere because their application for asylum simply got rejected. that doesnt mean all of them get deported. what kinda...
Least liberal countries?
yall obviously dont know shit about whats going on over here.
hopw to gain height?
csgo skins > supreme
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha honestly whats your rank?