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m4a4 global offensive
liquid rmr 2020. foil or normal.
good article. very long read though.
TRUMP WTF ??????????
Cheat =/= Bug exploit
ofc its not the same but you can use an exploit TO CHEAT. cheating means gaining an unfair advantage. /closed
Flusha will do the same skethcy things on lan..
and ofc i got reported for this... :D i mean the dude was playing casual. he was probably gn1-mg1 or something like this. its literally the same as me accusing a pro only that the ranks are offset to ...
Flusha will do the same skethcy things on lan..
"We've all had those moments playing thinking: "If somebody demo'd me right now, I'd be banned on the spot..." -- It's no different in the professional-level, it's only heightened because of the playe...
There is matchfixing in CS:GO
you too man! :)
There is matchfixing in CS:GO
yes unfortunately... i just hate that because of a few opportunists the whole scene gets dragged down with them. its also a huge middle finger to the people who are legitimately working 24/7 to keep u...
There is matchfixing in CS:GO
for me: idc if my favourite team lost but look at the coaching scandal. heroic and other teams cheated during DH. yes the money involved will most likely get revoked BUT: they arent gonna replay DH, w...
There is matchfixing in CS:GO not yet.
the universe!
its fine to be pessimistic. sometimes i am too about this topic. yeah the rona isnt exactly helpful... personally im most excited about the james webb telescope so im used to hearing things getting de...
the universe!
hltv is a way for the universe to experience itself.
the universe!
and i get that ure trying to be pessimistic... :D yea. we need a big paradigm shift for that but in the end... who really knows... like im trying to point out here. its just a matter of perspective e...