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create a super player
S1mple aim Flusha gamesense Jw movement
BIG disband
Nah i feel like Tabsen world definitely do that. He’s a better awper than smooya anyway and I think he’d do that if needed, just like S1mple or device.
BIG disband
Hm i feel like the one thing they’re lacking is firepower and tizian is (apart from gob) the one providing the least firepower. Denis would be the perfect fit to solve this problemr. Another solution ...
BIG disband
Just big -tizian +Denis and -smooya +syrson
VOTE for TOP 20 players
S1mple deserves #1 but the only way he’s gonna make it if he wins the MVP for blast Lissabon and Device fails hard which seems unlikely at this point
Liquid vs Natus Vincere
Poor S1mple
Underrated players
twist aerial kjaerbye elige
Sharks vs Natus Vincere
Ah S1mple that’s disgusting
Device #1 .. and why.
S1mple would eat device alive all day long. The best player should be the one with the best skills, it’s meant to be an individual award. That’s why S1mple should be clear no. 1. that’s why the ballon...
best aimers in cs
I think Tabsen and twistzz are very good as well. Besides them Ofc, xAntares, Niko and S1mple
german "Superteam"
Tabsen Syrson Gob b Denis Nex
Cache will be removed in today's update
Well if it’s cobblestone to replace it then it’s gonna be like that
Why is cromen still without a team?
Should join heroic imo
Tizian going nuts
Worst player Top 20
They should add Denis, brings much more firepower. But tizian has a lot of impact plays.