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Top8 predictions for Major ?
Not rly, worse fragger and probably equal igling skills.
Team Vitality CS:GO roster
Best French team tbh Mby -rpk +amanek
Top8 predictions for Major ?
You rly think this G2 would beat Fnatic or any other top team? I aren’t think that Jw > bodyy Flusha > SmithZz Krimz >. Shox Xizt > ex6tenz Draken < kenny
Faceit Major Winner
I still believe Astralis with faze 2nd Fnatic and mibr are my dark horses because they’re always good at majors.
Top 8 Major
1 Astralis 2 FaZe 3/4 Navi/Fnatic 5-8 liqud, mouz, mibr, north
MP5 Opinions?
I I feel like it’s well balanced. Low base damage and armor pen make up for the high accuracy. So good for anti Ecos and stuff but still heavily downsided in a fight against m4/ak. I even feel like i...
MP5 Skins when?
When they release mp5 for matchmaking
Favorite Player?
Flusha. Insane gamesense, insane clutching, Nice Person and senor vac ofc
G2 Esports
Not rly though
First Baby
It’s not a German name or anything but I like the name Ellie, like in the last of us. Dunno why but my daughter, if I’ll ever have one, will get that Name.
First Baby
With 17, it was a similar best friend now girlfriend situation but she left for a year abroad a few days later. We even kissed when saying goodbye but it was never the same afterwards because I still ...
I r8 ur fav AWPer
Jw but it’s sad that he doesn’t awp atm Otherwise it’s device I guess
top 3 aimers in the world
1. S1mple 2. NiKo 3. Electronic/Tabsen/Elige /Twistzz (probably electronic)
Top 8 major
Yeah, but draken and flusha need to step up