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Which is the best game you've ever played?
Minecraft ASTRONEER Spore (for nostalgia) Borderlands 2 CoD: BO2 (zombie mode) GTA SA
AVANGAR vs Besiktas
This is gonna be a fuuun match... inb4 Besiktas shut down Jame and juliano drops a 30-bomb :D
StarSeries Last Invites
Most likely gonna be Na`Vi and Liquid
Spring 2020 Major
There's Rogers Arena in Vancouver. It's where they hosted TI8. Pretty lit.
Malmö Next Major?
Has to be one of the worst crowds of 2019.
Ranking Update?
always monday
Most competitive pro scene in CS:GO history?
+ ESL Pro Tour with every event being $1M + BLAST Premier finally with Bo3's and $1M Global Final + Majors in the middle of the seasons, which means teams are gonna be in peak form + More attention fr...
Most competitive pro scene in CS:GO history?
IDK man. This feels like a very weird team, I don't think you can judge them right now, since the change has been announced only 6 days ago, in the day of Malmo starting.
Olof "Brollan is too young, they need a guy with tier1 XP like me"
Weird of the current fnatic coach to say that about one of his players, but ok.
I know ECS is a Tier 1 tournament, but to be fair... These are the matches Vitality played to win ECS: 16-9 vs. compLexity (nowhere close to a top team) 1-2 vs. North (losing to N (wheelchair emote) ...
s1mple 1.22 NaVi 1.15
I guess, Na`Vi are trying to build a actual team, instead of being a 2v8 fuckfest. Really excited for the pro scene now. No clear #1, but a lot of elite teams: Astralis, EG, Vitality, fnatic and Na`V...
NO top 1 team
Astralis right now are like FaZe in the beginning of 2018: they are technically Top 1, but the fact that they have only won one tournament (the Major) since BLAST Sao Paulo in late March (6 months ago...
Huh? :>