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Worst human in your country's history?
My country's what? history?
Make a roster
frozen (Slovakia) - Lurk oskar (Czechia) - AWP s1mple (Ukraine) - Entry/Secondary AWP Snax (Poland) - IGL DeadFox (Hungary) - ? (had to pick someone from Hungary/Austria)
Remove 1 nationality from your country
The "gypsies" or Romani people are actually considered as a nationality which makes this question pretty easy for our countries :))
Remove 1 nationality from your country
+1 good summary
Remove 1 nationality from your country
This is a tough choice between Hungarians and Romani people (gypsies) Since I don't live in the south, I will go for the gypsies. Hungarians pretty much live only in the south and they are not that b...
[Serious Questions] Getting out of Silver
Just keep on playing, although an easy shortcut is simply not to solo queue.
I FUCKED UP *help*
- my girl is pregnant - WHAAATT??!? - jk, im only failing in 3 subjects - oh thank god ez trick, works 100%
Pro player cars?
frozen - bicycle
Astralis vs NRG
Your phone?
Pocophone F1
Worst countries in the world
Because it's made by some random American that is just listing countries he didn't know that exist
Worst countries in the world
Who said continents only? Put region name there for better understanding because I saw people above me arguing about this Also, I like the start of the reply with "wrong", I think I'm gonna use it c...
Worst countries in the world
Capital is also in both continents I'm not saying that I don't agree with you but better first check and then trashtalk
Worst countries in the world
Europe: - Kosovo - Moldova - North Macedonia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Albania Asia: - North Korea - Middle East - South Asia - Southeast Asia - Holy duck, there is so many that it will be easier to...
Worst countries in the world
they are transcontinental country (though only 3% are in Europe)