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Yeah vs MIBR
Fixed 100%, massive upset incoming, bets will be recalled it will be beautiful, imminent cluster fuck this is.
Copenhagen Flames vs Axis
Cant even watch VOD this dude speaking over it is cancer.
Renegades vs Airborne
Was going to comment something negative but then I remember they kicked dick Stacey and that makes me happy. Go renegades
I don't doubt, but you guys are running out, when hes gone all you have is the rat king, he at least is looking alright with the BIG lads.
So patriotic. XD
Heroic vs Natus Vincere
They may drop the CSGO team but VP as an org is not going anywhere soon, dota team is a monster. hopefully they go looking elsewhere in the CIS region not just in Poland.
Energy vs Sinister5
We are unfortunately isolated from the rest of the world scene, its left us a bit in the lurch but this is a big step towards us moving closer to the rest of the worlds level. Progress is progress
Energy vs Sinister5
great to see all these SA flags on hltv
not to worry faze
I don't think an org would drop players for no reason after a win, you will likely find it was a personal issue for a player that could or did not want to play for the team further or some other exten...
FaZe vs
RIP Faze, unless Neo comes with GOD tier strats to the next one, they cant keep him on if this is how hes fragging, even for an IGL
eUnited vs MVP PK
More time on the plane than at the event. Almost double if you include return flight.
Why is astralis era over?
North vs MIBR
*Sad trumpet music plays for MIBR
Astralis GOATS?
name checks out.