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Personnal issues imo.
New NiKo team
Hahahaha you think ChrisJ would cut Oskar, one of his best teammates and friends for NiKo, his rival and kinda his nemesis (They don't like each other) . Another thing, that doesn't makes sense; You t...
[18+] girl sent me her photo...
Can you reupload I dont see shit
? Reply needs to have actual content
France rooster
Kio won't play with apex or NBK. They're way too arrogant and retardet (according to apex).
what language would you like to learn - VOTE
Danish, I love Denmark all the way
Better plan: -neo +taz They´ve learned from their mistakes aswell as Taz did. This would be a´hell of a run!
-STYKO +Lekr0
Its not all about that. Its more likely: He fits mentally?, yeah, He is good in his own role?, yes, He is not that good at fragging?, yes, but he helps his team in other contributions (buying extra n...
why kick lekr0?
Internall problems- that means he didn´t fit the team with "mental thinking". I think he was just quiet and they were like hypeing everything up and he just doesn´t felt the best there.
-Golden +Brollan
I think so, but he needs to gain a lot of experience.(For me personally he looks like he is not giving a single damn about some decisions he makes) But yeah, it will be pretty sick and Fnatic would be...
Xizt > olof ??
Im bored.
I am not saying world, I mean environment around you. If you have parks, some old villages, this kind of stuff.
Im bored.
Spent some time outside, visit some interesting places and meet new people. If you don´t like that last part, just put headphones on and listen to some nice songs.
is FNS going to ESL One BH?
nt, NTC aren´t going to ESL BH because of SK signing their roster
Don Haci
Rather Kanye