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asus vg248qe great monitor with 144hz but i like aoc g2460pf too, but i have nvdia graphics no amd .. xD
Tempo Storm news
Horvy? Are u kidding me.... horvy is so good player.. he never play on tier 3892 team.... portuguese fanboy of fox... fox is not more good player like 2015... fox have +30 years... he dont play SO FUN...
-Olof +WHO ?
Coldzera... (he want play with NiKo, he say that ..)
MIBR new roster
chelo ? omegalul in fact mibr is sh*t tag and team... tarik and stew its nice, but cold need go to liquid or play with NiKo (cold say that, he want play with niko) mibr is very bad ... i prefer immor...
S1MPLE !!!
of course not, first, s1mple is the best and NaVi is the best team second, is not SK its MIBR, and mibr its shit ! so... if s1mple go to mibr i kill my self, mibr is shit, s1mple is the best... lets ...
IMT or mibr logo ?
Immortals better..... mibr its old, half the people do not know,
Ronaldo wtf
Juve LUL, i prefer PSG 100x, juve is all years champions in italy, ahah lmao
coldzera s1mple NiKo rain suNny
wtf??? the best player in mouz, have a funking good stats and rating..
coldzera s1mple NiKo rain suNny
nice "dream team" just dream.. !
because NaVi is best team in world,
Liquid stay in 4... wtf.. and why Mibr 5? Mouse better... but yhaaa
"fan of portugal" idiot
why this guy have portugal flag if he ukraine? wtf..
FaZe Coldzera
olof is not play more csgo..(reports), faze need 5 player, and cromen its stand-in, cold in FaZe its much possible